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Yes, this is a webpage about a snowblower..
but not just any snowblower..a classic snowblower! 

Why have I made a webpage about a snowblower?
just because I can! and because I enjoy making hobby webpages,
and because I think its an interesting subject!

Hi, my name is Scot, and im a native of Upstate New York.
Been here my whole life..
Here in Western NY, we have SNOW! 
lots and lots of snow..

Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse are famous (infamous?) for it.
Anyone living down-wind of any of the Great Lakes knows what im talking about..
no further explanation necessary. 

Anywhere south of Pennsylvania the world pretty much ends when 1 inch of snow falls, 
towns close down for days! 
But up here, one foot of snow overnight is a mere dusting..slows down the morning rush hour
by a few minutes, but by lunch time things are pretty much back to normal.

So the snow itself is no big deal..our highway departments and city and town plows do
a GREAT job keeping us moving out on the roads all winter! However, snow on a "personal level" is more of a concern..Once I get my car to the end of the driveway, im home-free..
but its my responsibility to clear the driveway!

Which leads to..looking for a snowblower! 
after a few months of looking and research, I ended up with a 1971 Ariens!
For the story of how I wound up with such a machine, read on!  

Page 2  -  The story of how I ended up with a 1971 Ariens in 2009. 

Page 3  -  Owners Manuals and Decoding Serial Numbers.

Page 4  -  First Series of Ariens Sno-Thros, 1960 - 1964. 

Page 5  -  10,000 series and Track-Team Attachments, 1965 - 1974. 

Page 6  - 22,000 Series, 1969 - 1978. 

Page 7  -  924000 Series, 1974 - 2004. 

Page 8  -  932000 Series, 1977 - 2005. 

Page 9  -  Modern Ariens snowblowers, 2005 to 2020. 

Page 10  -  Engine swaps - putting new engines on old machines, and restorations. 

Page 11  -  PARTS! FAQ, Maintenance, Repairs and Research. 

Page 12  -  Snowblower restorations 
Page 13  -  Vintage Advertisements and Dealer Brochures. 

Page 14  - The Ariens Manorway Lawn Tractor 



This educational, non-profit site is not affiliated with the Ariens Company.
It is simply the "hobby webpage" of one satisfied 1971 Ariens Sno-Thro owner.

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Official Ariens webpage is here:

Scot Lawrence
Page started January 2009

For information about Ariens parts, see here.

For other general snowblower questions, take a look here:
I am a member on that forum, and its a very friendly and helpful place!
The best place for snowblower discussion on the internet.
If you have questions, you can find the answers there..