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22,000 Series - 1969 - 1978.    



22,000 Series.
Built 1969 - 1978

The 22,000 series was a line of smaller Sno-Thro's that came out in 1969 and ran through
1978. (with some overlap with the earlier 10,000 series and the later 924000 series.)

This is the 3rd main series of Ariens Sno-Thro's.

Most of the 22,000 series are smaller machines, 20 or 24 inch scoops, and generally less horsepower and smaller frames than the 10,000 series..these were probably designed for markets with less snowfall amounts, where the higher horsepower wouldnt be as important.

The later 932000 series were also "lighter duty" machines, and could perhaps be considered the successors to the 22,000 series, much like the 924000 series can be considered the successors to the 10,000 series. Ariens refered to the later 932000 series as
"Compact Sno-Thros"..the 22,000 series could also fit that description. The 22,000 series still have the "teardrop" shape bucket, but the sides of the bucket are different, and no longer have the three "racing stripes" of the 10,000 series.


Got some photos of a nice 22,000 series machine!

This is a 5 hp, 20-inch scoop machine, restored by Sam P. of Warren, Rhode Island.
The exact model number can no longer be read, but it has a 20" scoop with an attachment number 922003, which would place it in the 1971 or 1972 model year. Sam believes it is probably a 1972.

Sam says:

"Here is my restored Ariens, I used it this year in a lot of snow. Found it in the trash, talked to the original owner, rebuilt the carb, filed and gaped  the points, new fuel line and decarboned the head, then painted.  I also helped my neighbor John purchase and restore a 1968 6hp 24" too." Sam, Rhode Island

(John's machine can be seen under the 1968 10,000 series on the previous page.)


 Thanks Sam! looks great!


And here are some pics of a nice 1974 model 922006.
We can tell from the model and serial number, using the
model list, that this is a 1974 model.




Here we have a very nice, one owner! 1976 Model 922020.
(I would have put something here about the Bicentennial year, but this is a Canadian machine!)

Model 922020
Serial 001625

This machine is owned by Mike of Cranbrook, British Columbia, and he purchased it new on November 26, 1976! (he still has all the original paperwork!)

Here is Mike to give us background on his machine:

Hi Scot,
Thanks for the great Ariens sno-throw site.....

Where I live, snow-fall levels are usually 10 to 16 feet average.  I bought this little Ariens in 1976 for $425 and since then it has moved hundreds of tons of snow without a hitch.  It is the most reliable and efficient machine I have ever owned, and it just keeps going year after year.  It's gets very heavy use, sometimes daily during the snow season, but very little maintainance.

I've changed oil about 10  times over the last 34 years, kept it greased and installed one new clutch wheel and set of belts.  I've also had to make a few new clutch linkage rods from rolling it down concrete steps, but it still has  Brillion Wisconsin air in the tires, it doesn't burn any oil, starts every time and still blows snow like a champ.  And it's small enough an old-timer can do all the little corners easily.  The picture of the spark plug still shows traces of cream colored Tecumseh paint  on the plug because it's the original.  I have a spare, but I've never needed it.

When I moved homes a few years back I didn't think I was going to need it but I didn't have the heart to throw it out so I dragged it along.  Turns out my new home needs snow removal as much as the last and it carries on as usual, in fact it does my property, and many of my neighbours too.... I couldn't get along without it.

There is also a picture of the original owners manual and warranty registration card.....I kept meaning to send it in, do you think it's too late now?

Mike in Cranbrook B.C.

Thanks Mike!


22,000 series manuals.

Owners manuals:
   1972, 1973 & 1974
  1976, 1977 & 1978

Parts manuals:


Ariens Sno-Thro 22000 series model numbers.
These machines were built from 1969 - 1978

22999   (1969 - 1970)
922002 (1971 - 1972)
922005 -
922006 4HP 20" - (1973 - 1974)
922008 5HP 20" - (1973 - 1974)
922009 6HP 24"
922012 4HP 20" - (1975)
922014 5HP 20" - (1975)
922016 6HP 24" - (1975)
922018 4HP 20" - (1976-1977-1978)
922020 5HP 20" - (1976-1977-1978)
922022 6HP 24" - (1976-1977-1978)
922999 - (1972)

922007 -  5HP  Tractor - (1973 - 1974)
922013 -  4HP  Tractor
922015 -  5HP  Tractor
922017 -  6HP  Tractor
922019 -  4HP  Tractor
922021 -  5HP  Tractor
922023 -  6HP  Tractor

922003 -  20" Sno-Thro attachment  (1971 - 1975)
922010 -  24" Sno-Thro attachment  (1974 - 1975)
922024 -  20" Sno-Thro attachment  (1976 - 1978)
922025 -  24" Sno-Thro attachment  (1976 - 1978)

In addition to the snowblower attachments, Ariens says the 22,000 series also had, for a time,
a brush attachment and a reel mower attachment. However the 22,000 series was clearly primarily
a snowblower series, and did not have nearly the level of attachments as the 10,000 series and
its trac-team line.

  Chart provided by Robert Roszman, thanks Rob!


Photo of a 1973 22,000 series,
from a 1973 Dealer Brochure.

(more scans from this brochure are on page 13.)


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