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1969 Ariens Brochure. Scot Lawrence Collection.

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Ariens first "riding lawn mower" was the "Imperial" model, a small RER (Rear Engine Rider) first introduced in 1958:

Ariens Imperial, 1958. Ariens company photo, from the Ariens facebook page.
Link to original photo.

The Imperial was only made for three years, 1958, 1959 and 1960. In 1961 the Imperial was replaced by the new for '61 "Emperor" model. (The Imperial name was then re-used 40 years later! in the late 1990's and early 2000's, for a completely different Ariens RER also named the Imperial.)

The "Emperor" was then introduced in 1961, the second Ariens RER, it was probably originally simply the Imperial re-named, and was made in several models into the mid 1970's:

1963 Ariens magazine advertisement.

1969 Ariens brochure.

The Imperial and the Emperor were Ariens only riding mowers for eight years, until 1966 when the third model was introduced, the even smaller "Fairway". Also a RER mower, made in several models from 1966 into the late 1970s:

  1969 Ariens brochure.

Then, at the end of the decade in 1969, the fourth and largest model yet was introduced, the Manorway, which was Ariens "top of the line" riding mower from 1969 to 1973. It was also the first Ariens riding mower of the "tractor" type, (as opposed to the smaller RER type of the Imperial, Emperor and Fairway.)

1969 Ariens Brochure. Scot Lawrence Collection.

Ariens referred to the Manorway as both a "Riding Tractor" and a "Lawn Tractor". Today we would place it in the "lawn tractor" category, which is a "lighter duty" tractor when compared to the more robust "garden tractor" class. A "lawn tractor" is essentially designed to be a riding mower first and foremost, and it can also handle some light snow plowing with a front mounted blade, or take a snowblower attachment, but it isnt intended for heavy "ground engaging" work like the full-fledged "garden tractor" would be. In fact, most lawn tractors generally had only three available attachments: a mower deck, a plow blade, and a snowblower attachment.

This doesn't mean lawn tractors should be looked down upon! ;) They are fine machines, they had (and still have) their place, but it should be remembered that they do have limits and should be used accordingly. They simply weren't designed to be quite as tough as the heavy-duty garden tractor, but when used for its intended purpose (mainly a mower) the classic lawn tractor is a fine addition to the stable.

The Manorway first came out in 1969, and ran for five model years: '69, '70, '71, '72 and '73. There are some manuals and brochures with a date of 1968 on them, but that is probably because those documents were actually created in 1968, but the first Manorway model went on sale in the spring of 1969 as a 1969 model.

The tractor itself is believed to be essentially the same through the five year run, but there were two different paint schemes used on the Manorways: The first two years, 1969 and 1970, had this style front grill:

1969 and 1970 Manorway paint style.

Some have white painted engines, and some have orange painted engines.

Then the last three years, 1971, '72 and '73, had the second and final Manorway paint scheme style, with a different grill, in black with an off-center vertical orange stripe:

1971, 1972 and 1973 Manorway paint style, photo from Ebay.

There are five known Manorway tractor models:

13989    - 1969 and 1970
13990    - 1969 and 1970
13948    - 1970
913002  - 1971 and 1972
913003  - 1973

The gearbox is probably the same in all models, with 6 speeds forward, two speeds reverse.
Six speeds was achieved with a Hi-Lo selector attached to the 3-forward and 1-reverse gearbox. This is a geared transmission. (no hydro in the Manorway series)

Manorway models, attachments and accessories by year:
(this list is almost certainty incomplete..)

13989 Tractor  - serial 000001 to 002000 - pull start only.

13990 Tractor  - serial 000001 to 004000 - electric start, battery.

13976 - Weight Bucket
13977 - Tire Chains

13982 - 40" Snow Blade
13987 - 30" Rotary Mower
13983 -
32" Sno-Thro attachment

1969 Ariens brochure. Scot Lawrence collection.

1969 Ariens brochure. Scot Lawrence collection.

1969 Ariens brochure. Scot Lawrence collection.

1969 Ariens magazine advertisement.

Tractor Model 13989 - serial 002001 and up. - pull start only.
Tractor Model 13990 - serial 004001 and up. - electric start, battery. 
Tractor Model 13948 - serial 000001 and up. - electric start, battery, Briggs 8HP.

13987 - 30" Rotary Mower

(probably all the same '69 accessories and attachments were also available in 1970,
even though they arent specifically mentioned in the 1970 manual.)

1970 Ariens Manorway magazine advertisement.

Tractor Model 913002 - Manorway 800 - serial 000101 to 001500

Mower attachment     813981
Sno-Thro attachment 813955 - serial 000101 to 000300

Mower attachment     813987

1971 Ariens Manorway magazine advertisement.

Tractor Model 913002 - Manorway 800 - serial 001500 and up.

Sno-Thro attachment 813955 - serial 000300 to 000800

1972 Manorway, from the 1972 manual: MTOI-72.pdf

The image above is the only Manorway illustration I have seen with the optional headlights.
The identical illustration also appeared in the 1973 manual.

Tractor Model 913003 - Manorway 800 - serial 000101 and up.

Mower attachment      813003
Snow Blade                 813950
Headlight kit                713001

Sno-Thro attachment  813955 - serial 000801 to 001193

1973 Ariens Manorway

1973 Ariens form No. 82473 - Scot Lawrence collection.

1973 Ariens form No. 82473 - Scot Lawrence collection.

Three different engines were used on Manorways:
a Tecumseh 7hp, a Tecumseh 8hp, and a Briggs & Stratton 8hp.

Based on manuals and brochures, it is believed the engines looked like this:
(not 100% confirmed yet)

1969 - Probably both models were 7HP, both engines painted white.
The lower model number, 13989, was the pull-start model, and 13990 was the electric start. The two models are likely identical except for pull-start versus electric start.

1970 - Probably 13989 was 7hp, and the other two 8hp. 1970 brochures show both
            white and orange painted engines. 1970 probably had all three engines.

1971, '72 and '73 - all models 8HP, all had the Briggs 8HP engine,
                               all called "Manorway 800", and all electric start.

Known Manorway manuals:

MPB-68.pdf     - 1969 Operating instructions and parts list.
                           Its dated 1968, but is believed to be the first Manorway manual for 1969.

MPB-69.pdf     - 1970 Operating instructions and parts list.
                           It's dated 1969, but is probably the 1970 manual. The manuals were probably created (and dated)
                                  the year before the models went on sale. Manual made in '69 for tractors that went on sale in the
                                  spring of 1970.

MTOI-70.pdf     - 1971 Operators Instruction Manual

MTOI-72.pdf     - 1972 Operators Instruction Manual

MTOI-73.pdf     - 1973 Operators Instruction Manual

PM-13000.pdf - Parts manual for the whole series 1969 to 1973, including all attachments.

The Ariens Manorway line, Ariens first lawn tractors, ended its 5-year run with the 1973 model year. The following year, 1974, began the era of the Ariens/New Holland tractors.

Ariens purchased the GT and LT line from New Holland and began producing a new line of Ariens tractors in 1974, using the designs developed by New Holland, but now built by Ariens as the new Ariens tractor line. This line also introduced Ariens first true GT's.

Field & Stream magazine, February 1974.

I would like to someday find a 1969 Manorway to restore! :)
im keeping an eye out for one. If anyone knows of one available, in Central or Western NY, please let me know!

email:  sscotsman at yahoo dot com

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