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924000 Series

 Built 1974 - 2004.

The 924000 Series was Ariens line of Full-Size Sno-thros from 1974 through 2004.
a very long-lived and successful series.



Yes, I said I wanted to keep my page to the 1960's and 1970's machines only..
and I still do! But because the 924000 and 932000 series began in the 1970's,
I am including them here.

The 924000 Series and the 932000 series were produced starting in the mid 70's, and also ran through the 1980's,  1990's, and into the early 21st Century.

These can be considered the "fourth series" of Ariens Sno-Thro machines, and the last series I plan to document on this page (because I wish to keep this list to 1960's and 1970's machines only.)

The 924000 series was Ariens line of full-size sno-thros from 1974 to 2004,
it replaced the 10,000 series full-size machines in 1974.

The 932000 series was Ariens line of compact sno-thros from 1977 to 2005,
it replaced the 22,000 series "compact" machines in 1977.

924000 series is on this page, 932000 series is on the next page.

Some of the first few years of 924000 series production continued to use the older "teardrop" bucket style, from 1974 to 1978. But apart from the older style scoop, they still have the updated 924000 series features.

But the majority of the 924000 and 932000 series have a totally different bucket shape, very different from the earlier 10,000 and 22,000 series "teardrop" shape. This bucket style lasted up to the year 2002. Im calling this the "924000 style" bucket, or the "1977 bucket", since its most commonly associated with the 924000 series and 932000 series, and was used from 1977, through all of the 1980's, and into the 1990's and early 2000's.

This bucket style first appeared in 1977 with the first model of the 932000 series,
and it is believed first used on the 924000 series beginning in 1979.

Even though the VAST majority of 924000 series machines were built with that bucket style,
as I said, some of the early 924000 series were built with 22000 series "teardrop" buckets! I dont believe they are very common, but they do exist.

I found a photo of another one, a machine for sale on ebay:

Note that the machine has the controls mounted above the nameplate, like the rest of the 924000 series, but it has the older 22000 series bucket. Mechanically im sure its 924000 series, Ariens must have simply overlapped bucket styles for a few years between the two series. (the 22000 series and the 924000 series did overlap, both series were built together for a few years, 1974-1978.)

Technically the 924000 series lasted until 2004, but the last several models, from the years 2000 through 2004, had the newest bucket style, the "modern" bucket..(except for a few Pro and "classic" models, which did retain the 1977 style bucket up to 2002 and 2004.)

So technically three different bucket styles can be found on the 924000 series..
some of the very earliest models from the 1974-1978 have the earlier "teardrop" bucket.
the vast majority have the "924000 style" - "1977 style" bucket, and a few of the very last models of the series, from the years 2000 to 2004, have the modern style bucket.

In modern snowblowers, you often come across designations such as "724" or "830".
these usually represent the horsepower and bucket width.
"724" = 7hp and 24" bucket,
"830" = 8hp and 30" bucket, etc..
You see this with many different brands of more modern machines.
however, with these 1970's machines, this designation doesnt necessarily hold true!
because in this case an ariens model "924" does not mean 9hp and 24" width! 

Although.. some machines in the 924000 series *did* start to be named this way!
For example, model number 924038 is also called a model "ST724"..
In this case, the "924"  in model 924038 does not mean 9HP 24"..
but the 724 in "ST724" DOES mean 7HP 24"! 

"724"  "830"  "1136", etc, when used in this way, are "generic" names that describe only the HP and width..and are used across many different years and model types.
for example, not every "724" is necessarily in the 924000 series!
some are much newer..
but they will all have the "real" model number associated with the "ST name".
just something to keep in mind..

If anyone has more detail on the series, please let me know!




Here is a 1974 924000 series.
This is a big model 924013 with a number 924012 32" scoop, and a modern replacement engine.

This machine is interesting, because the model number, 924012, does not appear in any
Ariens records! Ariens records begin with model number 924013.

But based on the model number itself, the use of the earlier "teardrop" scoop (as opposed to the more common "924000 series" scoop) and also the fact that Ariens always consecutively numbered its model numbers through time, (and model number 924013 is known to be from 1974), Scoop model number 924012 is almost certaintly from 1974 as well, the first year of 924000 series production.

This machine is owned by Steven W. of Port Hope, Ontario Canada.
Steven recently aquired this machine, it had a blown engine when he bought it, so he installed a new late model Tecumseh engine, and had the machine repainted..Steven says:

"Mr.Lawrence thank you for the great web site, it was a great amount of work and you did a beautiful job. I stumbled on your website. I have an Ariens snow blower with the (scoop) model no.924012 and the serial no. 007178, I ordered a scraper blade for it, I waited over a month until it came and they sent just a flat straight piece ,I'm working with the no.924013 information, as 924012 does not even register, but is clearly marked on the machine white tag. I need the scraper blade with the bent ends that bolt back into the sliders, I got the machine because whoever owned it before got a newspaper caught in it and blew a hole through the side of the motor, I've done a lot of work to it, but I just love it .I do a lot of snow removal, we live in Port Hope Ontario Canada , every body comments on it, the next door neighbor calls it the corn chopper. Thanks again for doing this site. - STEVEN W."

I then asked Steven if he would send me some photos!
he obliged!

"Hi scot, glad you like it, it was fairly easy to install providing you take some measurements with calipers, the old engine had a 3/4 in shaft and was approximately 4 inches long , so that's what I looked for ,this new motor isn't the greatest, meaning it is only rated for 250 hours but I got it at a steal because Tecumseh is finished in this country, as far as being on a snow blower anyway, so maybe these people putting new Briggs motors on these machines are worried about parts availability. The motor is a 11hp Tecumseh and is very strong, it can go through the absolute deepest snow with out even a grunt. Everybody I talk to says they don't really care for Tecumseh, they sputter an pop some times, but they have been on snow blowers for years, so even if this motor is rated for 250 hours with a little tlc should last a long time. Engine model  LH358SA. the actual length of the shaft on the old motor was roughly 4 inches, could have been smaller, but bottom line measure everything before you go hunting. When I need parts again what number do you think I should use for the 924012? which does not exist. Im using 924013, like I told you the other day I just received a scraper blade with the 924013 number and it is different, it still lines up to the bottom holes but is missing side pieces. I made the pieces by hand and just have to weld them on',has to be a square hole to allow carriage bolts to slide for adjustment of scraper blade. Take CARE, STEVEN W."

Thanks Steven!
great job!

(Steve's machine is also featured on the "engine swap" page.)




And here is a second 1974 Model 924013, this one is unrestored, and in original condition.
still going strong after 36 years! This machine is owned by Mike C. of New Brunswick, Canada.
Mike says:

I recently bought this Ariens from my cousin who bought it new.
32",  8HP, 120 volt AC electric start, runs fine.
36 Maritime Canada winters and still going strong.
Thanks for your site and the work you put into it.
Mike C.
New Brunswick, Canada

Attachment tag for scoop number 924012. 924012 is interesting in that it appears
to be the only 924000 series attachment model number in the 924XXX number series.
Ariens then switched to the 824XXX number series for all later 924000 model scoops.

(take a look at the serial number, 002846, then continue to the next photo.)

The "tractor tag" for model the rear left side of the unit.
This is the model number used for the whole machine, as a complete Sno-Thro.

The serial numbers MATCH! I have never seen that before!
the scoop is model number 924012, serial number 002846,
and the Model number for the machine as a whole is 924013, serial 002846!

That low serial number means this is a VERY early 924000 series..the first model made,
very early in 1974 924000 series production. The model list below says the serial numbers start with 000201 (they never start with 000001) which means Mike's machine is the 2,645th
924000 series built..we arent likely to see an earlier one!

All the labels still in place! This is a completely original machine.

Thanks Mike, she's a beauty!




Four years later, we have another 924000 series.
A 1978 model year machine.

This machine is owned by Ryan H. of Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

This machine is interesting on a few levels!
First, it still retains the earlier "teardrop" shape would appear that 1978 was the last year for this bucket style.

But also, the model numbers are very interesting! Ryan's machine has a tractor body tag with model number 924027, and an attachment tag of 924028.
Both numbers correspond with 1978, but model 924027 is *not* a model number for a complete sno-thro! it is a "tractor body only" model number..
I will simply paste excerpts from our email coorespondance to explain what I think is going on with Ryan's machine:

Hey Mr. Scotsman,
first want to say that I  love your site as it has a wealth of great information and
is easy to navigate. I have recently obtained what I  believe is a 1978  ariens from
a neighbour who had it out on junk day! I  knew nothing about  snow blowers previous to grabbing it but quickly realized  that I had a real  classic with an impressive following. All it
needed was a tune up and new muffler and it runs amazing. I found 2 different model and serial  numbers. One on the back is M#924027 S#000743.  One beside chute is M#924028 S#034363. Not sure what this means but  I'm assuming parts may  have been changed. It has Tecumseh 8HP HM80 1551280D  S#7157D. Do you know what year this  machine is? 
Ryan H.

Hi Ryan,
wow, thats a great machine! and in beautiful condition..
your neighbor was a fool for throwing that away! ;)

You are right, all your numbers match up to 1978..but you also have something rather unique! something I havent seen much of..

The first number, 924027, is actually the model number of a "Tractor Unit", not a complete Sno-Thro, which means your machine was probably originally *not* sold as a complete Sno-Thro..which is quite unusual..instead it was sold as just the tractor unit alone..this was rare by the late 70's..but a few Tractor units were still being sold as stand-alone units, without a sno-thro attachment, in case anyone wanted to make one into a lawn mower or a garden tiller or something like that..which it seems few did people by that time, because the Trac-Team attachment line appears to have been dying out by the late 70's.

Your sno-throw attachment number, 924028, is also the model number of a *seperate* sno-thro attachment, which would have also been "sold separately"..Since both date from 1978, its probably quite likely that your machine was assembled from the two separate components at a dealer, and was then sold as a complete just didnt arrive as a complete sno-thro from ariens, like most other machines did..

Its also possible the original owner did in fact buy just the tractor unit, perhaps for use as a lawn mower, then also quickly bought the seperate sno-thro attachment as well..either way, I would say its highly likely the scoop and the tractor were joined together quite early..probably in 1978 or soon after. perhaps the original owner used his tractor unit as a mower in the summer, and a snowblower in the winter, for several years..

Which means its probably most accurate to say you have a "Model 924027 Tractor unit with a Model 924028 sno-thro attachment"..since model number 924027 was not technically an Ariens "sno-thro" model number..924027 does not technically exist as a complete Sno-Thro..
does that make sense? ;) but its highly likely the tractor and scoop are both contemporary to each other..very cool! :)

The engine is also extremely likely to be the original..since an 8hp engine matches model number 924027, and the Tecumseh serial number, 7157D, indicates a 1977 manufacture date..which matches perfectly..

May I use your photos on my page?
I love the story of the separate tractor unit mated with the separate dont see that much! and also your scoop is somewhat rare for the 924000 series as a whole because you have the older "teardrop" shape scoop, as opposed to more common "1974 style scoop"..
I would love to include your photos!

An excellent find! quite unique as to its model numbers, and in beautiful condition! it should easily last another 40 years..


Wow,  thanks for clarifyng that as my knowledge is very limited and the 2 numbers confused me a bit. It's nice to know in case I need parts.  My wife thinks I'm crazy because it sits in the garage where I normally part the truck and am always tinkering with it. or on your web site.  Please use the pics and tell the story as I'm sure the people that visit your site would really find this interesting. Oh, and no plans to ever sell this monster as I hope to leave it with my son some day!!!!!!!!

And here are the photos of Ryan's 1978:

thanks Ryan, one of the best "trash-pick finds" we have seen!
an excellent find.



Originally I didnt know the model year for this machine. (which is why I have "mid-late 70's"
on the photos.) But new information has come to light which can now pin-point this machine
as a 1979 model.

Notice a few interesting spotting features on this machine..
it has the plastic "Ariens" badge on the scoop, replacing the decal of the earlier series, but it also still has the white handlebars and white "nameplate" across the handlebars, like the older series.



Here is an example of a "large wheel" 24" machine..
this is a model 924040 from 1979:



A big model 924042.
32" bucket.
a 1979 model year machine.. notice the white nameplate!
still in use in 1979.

Notice that the 32" bucket has the same outer shape as the 24" buckets,
but has a slightly different pattern on the sidewalls, around the axle bushing.  



Here is a nicely restored1980 model 924050.
Brandon R. bought this machine, completely disassembled it, fixed some worn-out parts,
and re-painted it! look great! This machine helped to solve the "White Nameplate Vs. Black Nameplate Mystery" (see below)
thanks Brandon!



And here is a second 1980 model 924050!
This one is owned by Ingo R. of Michigan.
This one is very interesting because of its very low serial numbers!

The snowblower itself is:
Model 924050
Serial 000117

and the scoop is:
Model 824007
Serial 000103

It is known that Ariens never actually began a model series with serial number 000001.
they usually started it with 000100. (in which case the actual first unit would "look like" number 100 as far as the serial numbers go..see the chart below for conformation on this.)

This makes Ingo's machine the 17th snowblower built in the 1980 924050 model run!
and the scoop is only the third built in it's series! wow!

Its also one of the very earliest machines to wear the new "Orange & Black" scheme,
first introduced in 1980.

Ingo bought the machine in November 2010, and proceeded to do a full repaint!
Here is Ingo with the story:

It was the first week of November and I went hunting on Craigslist for a decent two-stage snow thrower (they're technically snow throwers rather than snow blowers because they first collect the snow by means of slower-turning augers than feed into the  collection pipe and that then gets thrown out the chute by means of a high speed impeller).  Anyhow, I stumbled upon this gem of an ad that was already a month old and though I knew the unit had likely been sold already, added "Yes- I'm interested if you still have" to the heading in my reply and it turns out the guy had a hundred emails, but had to go away on business right after he placed the ad and mine was the first one (and most current response) that caught his eye.

Here's the body of his ad (might belong in the best of Craigslist -- lol) Needless to say, his wife was not amused:

"Allow me to introduce you to "The Beast." I bought this item used about four years ago, and it continues to be a total stalwart workhorse for me. Starts up on first or second pull, and seriously throws snow like it's angry about something. Oh, I'm not gonna lie about it. It's one of the ugliest monstrosities you'll ever see. It's old, shows the wear, and as of this past off-season, requires its left tire to be patched or replaced. In a lot of ways, it's like my mother in-law. She's the ugliest b**** you'll ever meet, and simply will not DIE. The carburetor has had a tiny leak since the day I bought it. But the reality is - they just don't make them like this thing anymore. It's SOLID and you can tell just from feeling it that it's built the way these machines are supposed to be built.

The $80 is firm, and requires you to come out my way to pick her up. She's big and heavy, so have a pickup and a ramp if you plan on taking her. If you're handy, I'm betting you can get this thing back to peak performance for just a few bucks. As it is now, it runs well (with the tire issue noted).

Hope to hear from you!"

Now even though this is a 30 year-old machine, they are indeed workhorses and routinely sell for $300-500

My buddy Eric helped me pick her up with his Dodge Ram Pickup Truck that night (It was Voting day) and she started on the second pull. Tire was off the rim and he'd said the electric start didn't work. As soon as I got the unit home I went to see if the tire just needed reseating (there were a few cups of water in the tire) -- and I was able to successfully reseat it.  Also, the Sno Thro had the optional electric starter option, which supposedly didn't work -- wanna bet?

So I proceeded to disassemble the tractor from the bucket and all related components including bearings and auger assembly. Time to remove all the rusty bits down to the bare metal, including all of the motor sheet metal pieces, and commenced painting and sanding operations (over the course of 2 weeks -- outside when weather permitted -- otherwise inside). Multiple coats of primer, plus 3-4 coats of Chevrolet Orange Engine Enamel (Rustoleum). Love it when a project comes together.  Oh, also treated her with a fresh oil change of Royal Purple in the engine and synthetic gear lube for the Auger differential/worm gear and greased all parts, adjusted the reduction gear chains, etc. Carb only needed adjustment and the standing water removed from the tire that came off the rim and cleaned up the rim bead surface of the wheel and tire.

Also, like I said, this would appear to be an extremely early build for this model, as it is a 924050, serial # 000117 (they start at 000101) and the bucket is the third off the line (model 824007, Serial # 000103 - which would make it the 3rd off the line! (see attached pics)

Regards, Ingo (waiting for snow)

Wow, thanks Ingo! thats a great story..and a great deal for only $80!
Here are Ingo's photos: first, in the condition it was in when he bought it..
a little rough, but not too bad for 30 years old!

Ingo took the machine apart, sanded and primed all the parts, and did a full repaint:

and the finished product:

great job! thanks for sharing!


Here is a big ST1136. 
Model No. 924071
Serial No. 008703
11hp Briggs & Stratton engine.
36" wide bucket.

Exact year unknown, but based on the 924000 series data, this is likely an early 1980's machine.
Probably built 1980-1983.


Another machine from ebay.
Model No. 924082 - ST824
Serial No. 031463
exact year unknown, but known to be 1994 - 1996 timeframe:




Concerning the "White nameplate" vs. "Black nameplate" question.
When I started this webpage in January 2009, I noticed that some 924000 series had the older style "white nameplate" across the handlebars, and others had a more modern Black nameplate.
I started collecting photos of machines to try to determine what year this transition happened.
I have now determined that the transition year was in fact 1980!

Here is a photo of a 1979 model 924038, notice the White nameplate:

and one year later, we have a 1980 model 924050:

Thanks to Brandon R, who restored the 1980 machine seen above.

Here are some other model numbers I used to try to determine the transition year:

White nameplate.
(all of the above believed to be before, or up to, 1978)

(all of the above believed to be before, or up to, 1978)

924042 - confirmed 1979, white nameplate.

Black nameplate.

924050 - in black! this is a 1980 machine.
924052 - in black! built around, or just after, 1980.
924053 (ST824) -  8HP 24"  (listed in 1983 manual) - black nameplate - click for photo.

Now we know 1980 was the year the transition occured, which means the white nameplate vs. black nameplate can now be used as an ID feature! white nameplate = 1960's or 1970's.
Black nameplate = 1980 and after.

The machines themselves (the mechanicals) are not really different between 1979 and 1980,
it was more a paint/style upgrade to enter the new decade, the 1980's.


924000 series Model Numbers and Manuals.

924000 series Sno-Thro model numbers, 1974 to 1979.

Engines are Tecumseh unless indicated as "Briggs" for Briggs & Stratton.

These first two model numbers do not appear in any Ariens records! Originally my list started with
                  model number 924013, because that is where the Ariens records start! But thanks to Steve W., who
                 emailed me with information about his (scoop) model 924012, we now know it exists! I then did
                 some googling and discovered a model 924010 also exists..there are no on-line records for these two
                  model numbers, and it seems Ariens also has no manuals for them. I would assume these are
                  likely 1974 models.  924012 is actually a 32" scoop/attachment number..

924013 8HP 32"  (1974)
924016 8HP 32"  (1975)
924018 6HP 24"  (1975)
924020 8HP 24"  (1975)
924022 6HP 24"  (1976)
924024 8HP 32"  (1976 - 1977 - 1978)
924026 8HP 24"  (1976 - 1977 - 1978)
924032 7HP 24"  (1977 - 1978)
924034  - 10HP  32" - large wheel (1978)
924036               -  5HP 24" small wheel, serial 000101 and up. (1979)
924038 (ST724) -  7HP 24" small wheel, serial 000101 and up. (1979)
924039               -  8HP 24" small wheel w/differential, serial 000101 and up (1979)
924040               -  8HP 24" large wheel, serial 000101 and up  (1979)
924042               -  8HP 32" large wheel w/differential, serial 000101 and up (1979)
924044               -  10HP 32" large wheel w/differential, serial 000101 and up (1978 - 1979)

924000 Model numbers, 1974-1979:

The chart above is from page 2 of the 1979 parts manual:

1970's model numbers are above this point,
1980's, 1990's and 2000's model numbers are below.

The 1980 manual says:

ARIENS ILLUSTRATED PARTS MANUAL - 924000 SERIES SNO-THROS - MODELS: 924046 / 924048 / 914049 / 924050 / 924051 / 924054 / 924056 / 924057 - DATED: 1980

(I dont actually have this manual..I found it for sale on ebay, but didnt win the auction..I havent found it on the Ariens site. I have done a lot of research by looking at manuals for sale on ebay! ;) good source of information..)

There is a little confusion concerning models 924046, 924048, 924050, and 924052.
The list above does *not* show those models listed as 1979 models, and I have no reason to
doubt it is not a complete list for 1979! because..that list is from page 2 of the 1974 to 1979 parts manual:
Which says "This manual covers the complete line of Ariens 924000 series Sno-Thro Tractors and attachments for the years 1974 through 1979 inclusive" .. well, thats pretty definitive!

However Ariens later contradicts that 1979 manual with a 1983 document, seen here:
(see page 29) where they state those four models are "1979-1980" models!

so we have two conflicting documents. One document clearly does not list them as 1979 models, a different document says they might be 1979 models..  I have placed them as 1980 models here, because it seems very likely the 1974-1979 list is more accurate, (why would ariens have a document listing all 1974 - 1979 models but leave off four 1979 models? that doesnt make sense) (also, they clearly say "complete" and "inclusive" in the 1979 document)..So based on the strength of the 1979 evidence, im listing those four models as 1980 models.

924000 series Sno-Thro model numbers after 1980, and up to 2004.
(1974-1979 is the section above) (this list is not necessarily complete)

924046 (ST524) -  5HP 24" small wheel, serial 000101 and up. (1980)
924048 (ST724) -  7HP 24" small wheel w/differential, serial 000101 and up (1980)
924050 (ST824) -  8HP 24" large wheel w/differential, (known produced 1980 - 1991)
924052 (ST1032) 10HP 32"  (1980)
924053 (ST824) -  8HP 24"  (listed in 1983 manual)
924054 (ST832) -  8HP 32" large wheel w/differential, serial 000101 and up (before 1983)
924056 (ST1032) Briggs 10HP 32" large wheel w/differential, serial 000101 and up  (before 1983)
924058.(ST724).....-..7HP 24", for export only.  serial 000101 and up (listed in the 1983 manual)
924071.(ST1136)...-..Briggs 11HP 36",  serial 000101 and up. (listed in 1983 - 1987 manuals)
924072.(ST824L)   -..8HP 24", for export only.  serial 000101 and up. (listed in the 1983 manual)
924073.(ST1032)  .-..10HP 32",  (listed in 1983 - 1991 manuals)
924074 (listed in the 1983 manual)
924075 -..7HP 24" -  (listed in 1983 - 1986 manuals.)
924076 -.ST1236 -  12HP 36" -  (1988 - 1991)
924077 -.ST828   -   8HP 28"  -  (1988 - 1991)
924079 -.ST824s -   8HP 24"  -  (1989 - 1991)
924081 -.ST824s -   8HP 24"  -  (1992 - 1993)
924082.- ST824-..8HP 24"  -  (first appears in 1994, still listed in 1996.)
924083 -.ST828   -   8HP 28"  -  (1992 - 1993)
924084.- ST1032.-..10HP 32" -  (first appears in 1992, still listed in 1996.)
924085.- ST1236.-..12HP 36" -  (first appears in 1992, still listed in 1996.)
924086.- ST1028.-..10HP 28" -   (first appears in 1994, still listed in 1996.)
924087 - ST1232E -..12HP 32" -  (first appears in 1994, still listed in 1996.)
924088 - ST1028E
924089 - ST824E
924090 - ST0036
924091 - ST1228E
-..12HP 28" -  (first appears in 1994, still listed in 1996.)
924092 - ST1236E
-..12HP 36" -  (first appears in 1994, still listed in 1996.)
924093 - ST924     
-..9HP 24" -  (first appears in 1995.)
924100 - ST824DL
-..8HP 24"
924101 - ST928    
-..9HP 28"

924102 - ST1032                 (the rest, from here down, are 1995 - 2004)
924103 - ST1236
924104 - ST1028 
924106 - ST1024 - 1997 ST1024 SHO
924107 - ST1336LE
924108 - ST824SLE

924109 - ST1028SLE
924110 - ST824DLE
924111 - SB936LE
924112 - ST928LE
924311.- ST824-..8HP 24"
924113 - ST1132LE
924115 - ST1028SLE
924312.- ST924E -..9HP 24"
924116 - ST1028  (listed in the 2002 manual.)
924117 - ST1024 PRO  (listed in the 2002 manual.)
924118 - "Classic 8524" (known 2003 model, says "Classic 8524" on the dash, and has the "1977 style" bucket.
924120 - ST1024
924121 - ST1128
924122 - ST1124 (listed in the 2003 and 2004 manuals, one of the last models.)
924124 - ST926DLE (pro series) (listed in the 2004 manual, one of the last 924000 series models.)
924125 - ST11528LE  (listed in the 2004 manual, one of the last 924000 series models.)
924126 - ST11526DLE (pro series) (listed in the 2004 manual, one of the last 924000 series models.)
924127 - ST11528DLE (pro series) (listed in the 2004 manual, one of the last 924000 series models.)
924128 - ST11332LE  (listed in the 2004 manual, one of the last 924000 series models.)
924300.- ST1024.-..10HP 24 (listed in the 2002 manual.)
924311.- ST824
924312.- ST924
- ST1028.-..10HP 28"
924314.- ST1228 -..12HP 28"
924315.- ST1232E -..12HP 32"
924316.- ST1236E -..12HP 36"
924317 - ST928LE - (another document lists 924317 as ST924E INTERNATIONAL)
924318 - ST8524 -
INTERNATIONAL (listed in the 2004 manual, one of the last models.)
924319 - ST924LE
- (another document lists 924319 as ST924E INTERNATIONAL)
924320 - ST1232LE
- (another document lists 924320 as ST1232E INTERNATIONAL)
924321 - ST1236LE
- (another document lists 924321 as ST1236E INTERNATIONAL)
924322 - ST1228E - INTERNATIONAL (listed in the 2004 manual, one of the last models.)
924323 - ST1024SHO - (another document lists 924323 as ST1024 INTERNATIONAL)
924324 - ST1128LE
924325 - ST1132LE
924326 - ST1336LE
924327 - ST1028SLE
924328 - ST824DLE
924329 - ST928LE
924330 - SB1132LE
924332 - SB1124
(listed in the 2003 and 2004 manuals, one of the last models.)
924333 - ST1024
924334 - ST1028 - (another document says 1128)
924335 - ST926DLE (pro series) (listed in the 2004 manual, one of the last 924000 series models.)
924336 - ST11526DLE (pro series) (listed in the 2004 manual, one of the last 924000 series models.)
924337 - ST11528DLE (pro series) (listed in the 2004 manual, one of the last 924000 series models.)
924338 - ST1332LE  (listed in the 2004 manual, one of the last 924000 series models.)
924500 - ST1336LE   
924501 - ST1336LE 
924502 - ST1332 (502-508, and 551 have the new bucket style, starting in the year 2000)
924503 -
- SB9369 9HP with 36" Brush Attachment.
924505 - ST1332 (listed in the 2002-2004 manuals.)
924506 - ST1336 (listed in the 2002-2004 manuals. still has the 1977 bucket style!) (photo)  (recall)
924507 - SB936 9HP 36" Snow Brush
924508 - ST1128 PRO (listed in the 2002-2004 manuals.)
924516 - ST1332DLE (pro series) (listed in the 2004 manual, one of the last 924000 series models.)
924517 - ST1336DLE (pro series) (listed in the 2004 manual, one of the last 924000 series models.)
- ST824 - (from the year 2002, but still has the 1977 bucket style!)
924551 - ST8524 - (listed in the 2003 and 2004 manuals, believed to the last model in the 924000 series.)

924550 was one of the last models with the 1977 style bucket, built in 2002,
Ariens called it a "classic" model. (click here for photos of a 924550)

Also model 924506 retained the 1977 bucket style right up to 2004!
(click here for a photo of model 924506) (924506 was involved in a recall.)

924023 6HP Tractor - 1974 to 1979 timeframe.
924025 8HP Tractor - 1974 to 1979 timeframe.
924027 8HP Tractor - 1974 to 1979 timeframe.
924033 7HP Tractor
924035  -  10HP  large wheel tractor, (1977)
924027  -  8HP Tractor, small wheel w/differential, serial 001001 and up
924047  - 
5HP Trac-Team Tractor, small wheels.
924049 -TT7 - 
7HP Trac-Team Tractor

924051 -TT8 -  8HP Trac-Team Tractor  (listed in 1983 - 1991 manuals)
924055 -  8HP Trac-Team Tractor, large wheel w/differential
924057 -  Briggs 10HP Trac-Team Tractor, large wheel w/differential
924080 -TT8 - 
8HP Tractor
924105 - STT8 8HP Tractor

824001 -  24" Sno-Thro attachment for small wheel tractors. serial 000101 and up.
824002 -  24" Sno-Thro attachment for large wheel tractors. serial 000101 and up.
824003 -  32" Sno-Thro attachment for large wheel tractors. serial 000101 and up.
824004 -  36" Rotary brush.  serial 000101 and up.

824005 -  26" Rotary mower. serial 000101 and up.
824006 -  24" Sno-Thro attachment for small wheel tractors. serial 000101 and up. (listed in 1983 - 1991 manuals)
824007 -  24" Sno-Thro attachment for large wheel tractors. serial 000101 and up. (listed in 1983 - 1991 manuals)
824008 -  32" Sno-Thro attachment for large wheel tractors. serial 000101 and up. (listed in 1983 - 1991 manuals)
824009 -  36" Sno-Thro attachment for large wheel tractors. serial 000101 and up.
824010 -  36" Rotary Brush
824011 -  36" Rotary Brush
824012 -  28" Sno-Thro attachment.
824013 -  36 SNO-BRUSH

92401232" Sno-Thro attachment - 1974
924015 -  24" Sno-Thro attachment - 1974 (possibly a "Canada only" attachment model number)
92402824" Sno-Thro attachment - 1974 to 1979 timeframe.
92402932" Sno-Thro attachment - 1974 to 1979 timeframe.

Accessories: (associated with the 924000 series 1974-1983)
703944 - tire chains
703985 - tire chains
710983 - Differental kit
710997 - Slicer bar
722007 - 120 volt starter.
722009 - 120 volt starter.
724007 - 120 volt starter.
724008 - 120 volt starter.
724010 - Headlight kit.
724011 - Tire chains
724012 - Homeowner's kit.
724013 - Homeowner's kit.
- Homeowner's kit.
724015 - Differental kit
724016 - 12 volt starter.
724017 - 12 volt starter.
724018 - 12 volt starter.
724019 - 12 volt starter.
- Homeowner's kit.
724028 - Air cleaner and Attachmant Conversion Kit.

924000 series manuals: Owners manual for models 924022, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, and 29.
                                                                                           undated, but 1974 - 1979 timeframe.
  - Owners Manual, probably 1979, but undated. - Owners Manual, probably 1980, but undated.   another 1980-ish manual, also undated.  - Owners Manual For model 924071 -ST1136 11HP 36"  1983-1987  - Owners Manual, 1985
- Owners Manual, 2002
- Owners Manual, 2004. last of the 924000 series.
- Pro series owners Manual, 2004.  Repair Manual, all 924000 models 1974 -1983. 1974-1979 parts manual. (all models '74-'79)  -1974 Parts Manual
  -1978 Parts Manual  -1980 Parts Manual
  -1983 Parts Manual
  -1984 Parts Manual
  -1988 Parts Manual
  -1989 Parts Manual
  -1992 Parts Manual
  -1993 Parts Manual

The 924000 series technically ran until the year 2004..but the classic 924000 bucket style, that began in 1977:

was dropped with the year 2000 consumer models, for all new machines except a few Pro models..At least three known models used the "classic" style bucket between 2000 and 2004:

Model 924118, which says "Classic 8534" on the dash, made in 2003.

Model 924550, made in 2002, called a "Classic" model by Ariens, was one of the last to use the old bucket style.

Model 924506, built 2002-2004.

(and possibly some of the other "late" 924000 series pro models as well)

The 924000 series ended in 2004, and the new 926000 series replaced it beginning
with the 2005 model year.

the 924000 series is clearly the largest and most diverse series ever made by Ariens,
30 years in production! and over 140 models.




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