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Vintage Advertisements and Dealer Brochures.   


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After I bought my 1971 Ariens in January 2009, I began doing research on it's history, which led to this webpage..but I also discovered a lot of interesting vintage 1960's and 70's advertising and brochures! So I started collecting some of them. Also some other Ariens enthusiasts have shared scans of their brochures with me, and have allowed me to post them here for everyone to enjoy..

(Im posting all the advertisements and brochures in chronological order)

The Yardster Sno-Thro - 1950's

Before we get to the classic Ariens Sno-Thro snowblower, introduced in 1960,
did you know Ariens actually offered a snowblower *before* 1960?
I didnt! but Ariens snowblower offerings actually date to the early 1950's!

In 1952, Ariens came out with a new garden rototiller model called the "yardster"..
the yardster's primary function was a rototiller, but it was capable of taking additional attachments, one of which was an early snowblower attachment!

The "yardster sno-thro" was presumably available 1952 to 1959, then the stand-alone sno-thro came out in 1960, the one we know today as the classic Ariens snowblower.

At first I could only find some advertisements, but no actual photos or images of the sno-thro attachment:

Those three magazine ads *mention* the sno-thro attachment, but dont show what
it looks like! That was all I could find for awhile..

Then fellow Ariens enthusiast Jamie Wallace found and won a yardster brochure on ebay!
He then sent me some scans of his brochure and let me post them here, for all to enjoy..
thanks Jamie!

(there is also a back cover, but it is completely blank)

The brochure is undated, but based on what we know about the yardster, it is from
sometime in the 1950's.

An interesting bit of snowblower evolutionary history!
I havent seen an actual photo of a yardster sno-thro, apart from the brochure above.
if anyone knows of one, please let me know!

And now for the 1960 and after Sno-Thro brochures and advertisements:

Here is the first Ariens Sno-Thro brochure! From 1960:

This is form ST660, and was posted by Ariens on their corporate facebook page,
and they allowed me to use it here..thanks!

This next set of brochures are also not mine,
These are owned by Chuck M. of Walpole, Mass.

Chuck's parents bought his 1963 Ariens Sno-thro brand new in 1963!
One of the brochure pages is clearly stamped "Spear Hardware, 948 Main St, Walpole, Mass"
So this 1963 Ariens has been in continous use by the same family, in the same town, for nearly 50 years!

(Photos of Chuck's 1963 Sno Thro are on page 5.)

The first brochure is clearly from 1962, even though it came with the purchase of a 1963 machine. Form No. ST4-62 (62 = 1962) and it clearly shows 1962 models. Notice either the dealer or Ariens stamped "Model 10M-L60D" information (which was the model purchased)
on the brochure.

And the second brochure that came with Chuck's parent's 1963 is clearly a 1963 Brochure.
Form No. STC-63..its labeled 1963, and the illustrations clearly show 1963 Sno-Thros.
(there are clear differences between the 1962 and 1963 models, mainly the scoop.)

(if anyone wants to see that text more clearly, just send me a note..chuck sent me high-res scans!)

Thanks for sharing these vintage brochures Chuck, they are very interesting!
and they also helped to solve some "First Series" model number mysteries!








Here is a very interesting brochure from 1966! This is the 10,000 series "Facts Manual"
and goes into great detail for the mid-60's 10,000 series machines! Ray Kruse owns
this manual and scanned it so I could share it here, thanks Ray!

Notice that the guy with the snowblower, and his neighbors, are the same guys from 1964!
Everything is the same, but its now two years later and the "admired owner" has upgraded
from a "First series" to a 10,000 series!
  (the bucket and chute have been altered)

This ad (below) is interesting, because it's clearly aimed at dealers, not the consumer!
Its from the July 7, 1966 issue of "Implement & Tractor" magazine. which appears to be
 still in business! That very specific date on the ad, July 7, 1966, helped solve a mystery!



Also note in the Ad above, that Ariens is clearly selling 1967 Model Year
Machines in December of 1967! This is also proves Theory #1.

1969, the year I was born:

(Before the age of Political Correctness! ;)


A 1972 postcard from
Vintage Postcards from


I won, on ebay, a collection of "owners paperwork" from 1973!
all the paperwoark that would have come with a new sno-thro,
here are some scans of some of the pieces:

(the 20" machine (above) is a 1973 22,000 series,
the 24" and 32" machines (below) are 1973 10,000 series)

(there are more pages I didnt scan..about attachments
a page about the 1973 line of riding mowers)

(prices hand-written in by the dealer! in 1973.
 Those prices, $340 to $460, translate to about $1,400 to $2,000 in todays dollars!)

Remember Snow Blower Model Year Theory #1?
With this last Advertisement from September of 1979,
We have switched to SBMY #2! ;)
Look at the Black Nameplate..thats a 1980 model!
being sold in September of 1979.
check here for more information.



I might as well put this here..cant hurt! 
So far I only have the 1971 sno-thro, the machine that led to this entire webpage..
I would *love* to find a 1960 sno-thro to restore!
Im also looking for a 1973 or 1974 10,000 series sno-thro.

And a garden tractor! to restore and use.
an early 60's Cub Cadet, ("original" or Model 70 or 100)
or an early 60's "round hood" Wheel Horse,
or a 1969-1972 Ariens "manorway" tractor.

(I know the manorway is really in the "lawn tractor" catagory..but thats ok.)

I doubt I will ever collect *all* of those, but those are models I would like to look for.
(I will probably only have one tractor..just due to space and money constraints.)
but those are all the models im considering..I would like one nice tractor to do a full restore on!
(or just to use, if its already in good condition.) Right now im leaning mostly toward the
Cub Cadet..but I really like the others too..

The experience of finding and using my 1971 Ariens snowblower, and all the research that has led to this webpage, have really made me appreciate the "Golden Era" of mid-20th Century American-made high quality lawn and garden equipment! The new stuff available in the stores today just cant hold a candle to these classics..Im so impressed with my 40 year old snowblower, that I now want to find a 50 year old garden tractor as well!

So if anyone knows of any of those models looking for a new home, in Western NY,
Finger Lakes, or Southern Tier NY, please let me know!



Here are some links to other snowblower sites and discussion forums: is in my opinion an excellent forum. very friendly, very active,
and there is always a lot of interesting discussion going on. is another good snowblower forum.  is the "Toolshed forum" on gardenweb, it isnt
"snowblower specific", lots of other things are discussed there, but its also a good resource.

There are also several yahoo forums for specific brands, Ariens, Toro, Snowbird, etc.

"The Gilson Snowblower Shop"- Pete's very cool site..Where the Gilson snowblower Legacy Lives!

Ariens - official site.




 And thats everything! 
You have reached the end of my Ariens site..
Thanks for stopping by..

Any questions, comments, corrections, additions, etc to this page are very welcome!
this is an on-going information comes to light all the time.
I plan to continually update this page. (It has grown from one page to eleven pages in
only one year!)

Special thanks to all the guys who have helped make this page what it is..
thank you sharing all your information, photos, brochures, manuals, etc..
I couldnt do it alone!


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