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10,000 Series and Trac-Team Attachments
1965 - 1974.



10,000 Series.
Built 1965 - 1974

10,000 Series

Built 1965 - 1974

This is probably the most common and well-known of the "old" Ariens Sno-Thro models.
In my opinion, this is the classic series!
and its the series I own! 
and the series that led to the creation of this webpage.

The 10,000 series can be considered the second series of Sno-Thro's,
after the "first series" of 1960-1964.

The 10,000 series has some updates from the earlier series, three main external characteristics were changed:  The classic "teardrop" shape "full" bucket is new for 1965, with the three "racing stripes" on the bucket side, two control levers instead of one, and a new "square" chute. These three features are an easy way to identify a 10,000 series machine, and these are the three main features that are different from the "first series" of 1960 - 1964.

Click here to compare these features with the earlier "first series"

More details on these three features:

1. The new "full teardrop" bucket shape.
The earlier 1963-1964 "half teardrop with side-shields" evolved into this new "full teardrop" bucket in 1965, where the previous "side shields" were simply incorporated into the solid sides of the new "full" bucket.

2. Seperate levers on the side of the tractor body.
Another spotting feature of the 10,000 series, to differentiate it from the "first series" is that it now has two control levers on the right side of the tractor body. The "Sno-Thro clutch" lever, to turn the augers on and off, (the right lever in the photo below) and the "Tractor Clutch" lever
to engage or disengage the transmission, (left lever in the photo below)..the main advantage to this new 10,000 series setup, with two levers, is that now the augers and the transmission can be turned on and off that the machine can be moved, with its wheels turning under power, *without* the augers spinning. This is a new and important safety feature, which continues to today.

3. The new "square chute" style is also introduced with the 10,000 series in 1965.
Quite a different chute style from the earlier "round chute"

The "attachment line" was also given a new name, and an expanded product line, with the introduction of the 10,000 series. The old attachment line was the "Gard-N-Yard" line, available as a few attachments with the 1963 and 1964 "first series" snowblowers..With the 10,000 series in 1965 came the new "Trak-Team" line, which would develop into many available attachments.  (more details on the Trak-Team line are below)

Many people have these models and are still happily using them today! many in well-worn but unmodified condition, some have been restored to original condition, and a few are still chugging along with new engines installed!

Some more 10,000 series spotting features:
(thanks to Bob W. of Skaneateles, NY, who worked in a repair shop in the 1970's and saved his notes from Tecumseh and Ariens technical classes, for this information.)

(probably) 1966 –  Tecumseh redesigned the engines to now have a square shaped muffler
                              design (the older ones used the round shaped muffler). 

1970 - First introduction of the optional 32" wide sno-thro bucket.

1971 - Model number convention changed, and now model numbers begin with 910xxx.

The chromed handlebars were used only on the 6HP models (and in later years on the 7 & 8 HP as well). The 4 and 5 HP models came with painted handlebars from the factory and had a smaller size gas tank. In addition, the 4 HP models came with smaller, solid rubber tires.

(Thanks Bob!)



What happened to the 1964 10,000 series??
It's an interesting story!

When I first began this webpage in January 2009, I naturally assumed the 10,000 series began in 1964. why did I think this? because Ariens said so! or so it seemed to me at the time.

But in reality, Ariens didnt actually say that, not directly. I simply assumed the 10,000 series must have started in 1964 based on this manual:

10,000 series parts and repair manual, for all 1964-1974 10,000 series machines.

Ariens clearly says in that manual: "This manual covers the complete line of Ariens 10000 series sno-thro tractors and attachments for the years 1964 - 1974 inclusive"

Well that's very clear!..based on that, you would naturally assume the 10,000 series ran from 1964 to 1974 right? I would..and I did! but I now think, 2 years later, that the 1964 start date for the 10,000 series is actually wrong. I have strong evidence that the 10,000 series was actually first introduced in 1965! not 1964. Here is why:

I have several good photos of 1964 machines..confirmed as 1964 machines by owner history, Tecumseh engine serial numbers, and other features. ALL of the 1964 machines very clearly have "first series" characteristics..half-circle or half-teardrop buckets, rounded chutes, and single clutch levers..These have no 10,000 series features.

For awhile I simply thought the "First series" and the 10,000 series overlapped for a year.
Both series were built in 1964. But there is no evidence to support this.

Getting back to that manual, the source of the"1964 10,000 series" in the first place..
open up the manual:

Go to page 3, there we see the supposed 1964 10,000 series models. Models 10M-L35,
10M-L60, and 10M-L60D. it says the information on those models is on pages 36-38.
ok then, go to page 36..there is the diagram for what, we would assume, are the three 10,000 series 1964 models. Keep that diagram open..

Now check out the 1963 manual:
We are certain that is a 1963 "first series" model.
take a look at the diagram on page 9 of that manual.
now compare to the diagram for the 1964 "10,000 series" from the other manual..
they are IDENTICAL! its the same diagram! hmmmm..

The 10000.pdf manual has been known to contain wasnt made until 1974..a decade after the fact when it comes to the 1964 models. It is my contention that Ariens was making the 10000.pdf manual in 1974, and simply included some of the "later" first series machines, and diagrams, as a convience to mechanics and customers who would be using this manual, and might still have some of the older machines..

Also, if it were true that there were 1964 10,000 series machines, they would need to be "hybrid" machines, containing a 10,000 tractor unit, but with an older style scoop and a rounded chute..for awhile I assumed these machine must exist..somewhere..but there has been zero evidence of any such machines..No photos..and also no Ariens manuals or diagrams showing such a machine! the ONLY evidence for "1964 10,000 series" is that 10000.pdf manual.

I now believe I was simply wrong in assuming that the 10,000 series must have started in 1964, because that manual seemed to suggest that it did. But now, knowing what I know about the differences in these series, its clear that Ariens simply added in a "first series" diagram to the 10,000 series "master" manual..and the diagram itself proves it! since it is identical to the 1963 diagram.

I now believe the first model in the 10,000 series was in fact the 1965 Model 10M4.
If this is true, (which I am 99% convinced it is) notice that the model numbers also undergo a distinct change at that time.

Known "first series" model numbers:
10M-L60DT (tractor only)

Notice they all contain an "L".
(except for model "10M"..believed to be the first model.)

Now look at the (old) 10,000 series chart.

Notice the presumed 1964 10,000 models also have the "L"..but the "L" stops being used in 1965 with the 10M4! interesting..I have good photos of models 10M-L60 and 10M-L40 machines, (on the previous page) they ALL have 'first series" features..also, the only known owners manual that has a date of 1964 *also* shows only "first series" features..

Yet one more piece of evidence! the 7-10M manuals.
There are four 7-10M sno-scoop attachment manuals: 1964 model 7-10M sno-thro attachment. (47001-68000) 1965 model 7-10M sno-thro attachment. (68001-87600) 1966 model 7-10M sno-thro attachment. (87601-114900) 1967-1968 model 7-10M sno-thro attachment. (114901 and up)

Look at the 1964 manual:
"half teardrop" scoop, rounded chute, no auger lever, clearly "first series"

Look at the 1965 manual:
"full teardrop" scoop, square chute, with auger lever! clearly 10,000 series.

Based on all of this evidence:

 - a LOT of  very clear 1964 "first series" evidence, photos of actual machines,
   1964 owners manuals, and 1964 diagrams, all showing "first series" only..
 - ZERO evidence of *actual* 1964 10,000 series photos, no manuals,
   no diagrams..the only reference being the 10000.pdf manual, which actually includes a 1963
   "first series" diagram.
 - plus everything else discussed above..

I must conclude that the 1964 machines are all "first series",
and that the mysterious "1964 10,000 series" simply does not exist, and has never existed.



Here is the diagram from the 1965 Owners manual, of a 1965 Model 10M4.


And here is what is most likely a 1965 model 10M6!
First year of the 10,000 series.

The 1974 Ariens repair manual suggests there might have been models 10M-L60 and 10M-L60D in 1965, but I believe this is is more likely, knowing Ariens naming conventions, that the "L" designation was last used in 1964 with the final year of the "first series",
and the "L" was not used in 1965 with the first year of the 10,000 series, so there were probably three 1965 models:


This 1965 Sno-Thro is owned by Duane H. of New Jersey, who recently inherited the snowblower from his Grandfather, who bought it used in the 70's.

The tractor tag is missing, so we cant confirm the model number with absolute certainty, but there are several clues that indicate this machine is very likely a 1965 model 10M6.

The engine is likely the original, it is 6hp, and the serial number is 5252. that translates as
"the 252nd day of a year ending in 5" (clearly 1965 in this case) and the 252nd day would be
the first week of September, perfect timing to end up on a 1965 Sno-Thro..

More important is the scoop tag! which still exists. this tag says:
Model 7-10M
Serial 75518

Serial numbers by year are well documented for the 7-10M scoop, and that serial pegs it as 1965 production. With those two serial numbers, we can be very certain this is a 1965 machine.

And its probably a 10M6 because it does *not* have a differential, if it did, it would be a 10M6D.
The chome handlebars are likely original, even for a "non-D" model, because Ariens usually only painted white handlebars on the lowest hp model of a given year, so its likely the 1965 10M6 and the 10M6D both had chrome handlebars, and only the 10M4 had the white handlebars that are Duane's photos:

thanks Duane!


We have some nice pictures of a 1966 model!

Thanks to Dan in Rhode Island who sent me photos of his 1966 model 10M4.

I recently found your website and have enjoyed reading much of the information there.  I noticed that you did not have any pictures of my model 10M4, and you also did not have any pictures from my model year 1966-1967.  I have attached several photos of my Ariens 10M4, Serial No. 9465.

I inherited this unit several years ago.  It belonged to my grandparents for as long as I can remember.  I am not sure if they purchased it new or used, but I was born in the mid 1960's and I can remember that they had this unit when I was very young.  Other than routine maintenance, I have only replaced the muffler.  The white Ariens nameplate is missing.

I always wondered why my tires were solid rubber, but all the other units had pneumatic tires.  Then I recall reading somewhere on your site that the 10M4 had solid rubber tires.  I have never operated the unit without the tire chains, so I do not know how well the tires grip.  I suspect not very well.  Since the unit is only 4HP, it doesn't throw the snow very far, but it gets the job done.  It can sometimes stall with heavy wet snow getting stuck in the chute.

Feel free to use these photos on your web site and let me know if you have any questions.

Dan in Rhode Island

When I first posted Dan's photos on this page, I had concluded that the machine was
most likely a 1965 model, based on the low serial number, and some 1965 vs. 1966 information for model 10M4. (see note #1 below for more information on that.)

But after I posted the photos, labeled 1965, Dan didnt think that sounded quite right..
so he went digging for more information..
He brought up the Tecumseh engine numbers, and the Sno-Thro attachment numbers,
both of which clearly point to 1966, not 1965.

The Tecumseh engine numbers are:
Model: H40-55046F
Serial:  6180 04559

That Tecumseh serial number, 6180, translates to "The 180th day of 1966", which is late June
of '66. Which means the sno-thro was built in the Summer or Autumn of 1966..
and based on my calendar year research, that clearly indicates a 1966 model year machine.

(Dan is very confidant this is the original engine, the machine has been in his family since the 60's, so its highly likely its the original engine, no reason to doubt that.)

And the "Sno-thro attachment" numbers, for the scoop:
Model: 7-10M
Serial: 88416

Just a few weeks ago I found some new data for attachment model 7-10M and put it on this page..(below) that data very clearly indicates a 1966 scoop! no question..

So one number is ambiguous (the actual sno-thro model and serial numbers, 10M4, 9465)
relying on that number alone, I guessed 1965 as the most likely year.
but the other two numbers (Tecumseh numbers and scoop numbers) clearly say 1966.

This is a great example of how all the numbers, when put together, can really be used to solve the model year question..thanks Dan!

So based on all that, Dan's machine is clearly a 1966 model.
Because it is the 4hp model, it has the White handlebars. Ariens only painted the white handlebars on the lower HP "entry level" model for most years.

Thanks Dan!

(I still believe model 10M4 first came out in 1965, not 1966, based on the 1965 manual,
but this particular machine happens to be a 1966.)



And here we have the "big sister" to Dan's 10M4 above!

This is a 1966 10M6D, the top of the line machine for 1966.
Because it is the "top end" model, it has the chrome handlebars, and the "D" stands for "deluxe" or "differential", the top of the line models also had a differential transmission.

This is among the nicest original condition machines I have seen!
its all original! unrestored, and in very good condition.
This machine is owned by "Bob in Skaneateles", who has been very helpful with identification
features of the 10,000 series machines. (many of Bob's comments are elsewhere on this page.)
Bob worked as a mechanic in a shop that sold Ariens snowblowers back in the 70's, and has a good deal of experience with them. Here is Bob to tell us about his machine:

Dear Scott,

I live nearby to you in Skaneateles, NY and I wrote to you last September when you
were just getting your Ariens Sno-Thro website started. Now that winter is here,
I see you have been adding on a lot more pages - I see you are up to 12 pages
now!  As per my previous message, I used to work at a repair shop when I was
going to college and  I have rebuilt and repaired dozens of these old Ariens
machines over the years. Once again great job with all the detailed information
you are providing!

I finally got around to taking a few pictures of my 3 Ariens Sno-Thro's a few weeks ago.
My “prize” machine is the 6HP model, which has been in dry storage and last used about
7 years ago.  I pulled it out of storage just for the photos.

My favorite is this 1966 Model 10-M6D (6 HP) that I bought about 15 years
ago from an elderly guy who took great care of it and did not use it very much. 
This is truly the most “original” 10,000 series I have ever come across, so that
is why I bought it.  This one is shown in Photos # 10M6-1 through 4 attached.  I
know many of your contributors have restored, re-painted, or installed new
engines on their Sno-Thros (nothing wrong with that).  I just like the fact this
one is exactly as it came from the Ariens factory in 1966.  The white and orange
paint is all original.  I see you have a 1966 - 4HP model on your website, so
this will be a new one for you to list.  Notice that it has the original, round,
“Kohler” style muffler and a much larger Primer button than later models.

Bob W.
Skaneateles, NY

(there was more to Bob's email, I only posted the info relevant to this model)
Here is Bob's 1966 10M6D:

Thanks Bob!




Here we have a nice 1968, owned by "Peco" from the gardenweb toolshed forum,
thanks Peco!

This is a 5HP machine, and thanks to the serial number and the Ariens model sheet,
we can pinpoint this machine exactly to the 1968 model year.


Peco's machine also has a Sno-Thro attachment number:
model 7-10M, serial 115179

Peco's machine has a newer replacement engine, (which is fairly common for machines of this vintage.) clues that "give it away" as not original are the red plastic throttle lever on the engine, and a red choke lever on top of the carb cover. These are features Tecumseh did not use until the early 1980's.



Here is another 1968 model, this one a 6HP 10M6D model.
John from Rhode Island bought it in rough condition, and fully fixed it up!
John says:

"This is the story of my 1968 24” Ariens Snow Blower. My neighbor Sam found it on-line for $75 and said "There's nothing like an Ariens". So we took the hour ride and picked it up. I must say it was a mess in my book and I had my doubts. We got it home and realized it must have been left outside for 3 to 4 years instead of the 2 or 3 years we where told. All the levers where seized up, plenty of rust among other things from leaving it outside. Took the model numbers down and went online and found Scot's web site. E-mailed Scot and he responded with the manuals that made it all happen. The next day we took the whole thing apart, unseized the levers first, then rebuilt the carburetor, readjusted the friction disc, differential lock and self propelled mechanism. Got a new gas tank since it didn't have one, got a new heater box cause the old one was missing, replaced the bottom cover that was missing also. Did the points, decarboned the head and checked out the pistons. Then the basics, fuel line, new fluids, belt, grease, plug, shear bolts and grease fittings. Pressure washed it, prepped it and painted. All functions work including differential lock and electric start. I must say there's nothing like an Ariens. Thanks to Sam and Scot for the info and help."
Rhode Island


Thanks John, she looks great!




Here is a 1970 Sno-Thro owned by "Garandman".
This machine has been taken apart,
restored and repainted! It has has also been refurbished with a new Briggs & Stratton engine, a modification I will definately keep in mind
if my machine ever needs a new engine.

thanks Garandman!




And here is another beautifully restored 1970 Sno-Thro!
Tim H. of Middleton, WI, purchased this machine in 2008, fully disassembled, fully restored and repainted it. He kept the original engine, but chose to re-paint everything in the more modern
"Orange & Black" scheme! (as opposed to the original Orange & White.) I like it! looks sharp!
Here is Tim to describe his machine:

Good evening and thanks a lot for your excellent website! Last year I picked up a 1970 Ariens Sno-Thro (24" cut) off Craigslist for $140 and it worked awesome last winter. Since it was a bit rusty all over, I wanted to restore the entire machine, so that's what I've been doing the past couple weeks. I completely disassembled and am sandblasting all of the sheet metal and engine components, will prime and repaint, etc. They built these machines so well that it's a shame to have them rust away. Mine is a 1970 model with model number 10962 Sno-Thro Transmission and 10995 Sno-Thro Attachment (blower).

I disassembled the transmission/friction drive system just enough so I could get it out of the sheet metal housing. Unfortunately, I didn't take the best record of where a couple of the bushings are supposed to go. Had I been thinking better beforehand, I probably should have taken some digital pictures of the entire inside and made a record of where each part came from. I should know better...I'm a mechanical engineer who used to design engines for Ford, H-D, Kohler!
Thanks again,
Tim H.

I just finished up my 1970 Ariens this morning and took these photos. I ended up taking the entire snowblower and engine apart, sandblasted every part, primed, repainted, and clear-coated with actual Ariens Orange paint. I replaced the belt, muffler, all engine gaskets, crankshaft seals, all fasteners, etc. After all the parts had been cleaned, I regreased everything, so I think it's operating smoother than ever. I had to have the blower sheet metal welded in a couple areas and then bought a new blade, too. As you can see, I went with the look of the new machines with black engine components and augers, but overall it turned out great.

In any case, I thought you might like to see them.
Have a great holiday season!
Tim H.

Wow! thanks Tim, beautiful job!




A fabulous 1971 Sno-Thro, in excellent original condition!  from "Greg" on youtube..
Greg's machine is not restored, it has been so well cared for, it doesn't need to be restored!
thanks Greg!

And two more photos of Greg's 1971:

(Photos from 2009)




I will also use my own machine to represent the 1971 model year:

1971 Ariens Sno Thro
Model No. 910962
Serial No. 038860









(Photos from 2009)

Sno-Thro attachment, Model No. 910995, Serial No. 061162
Tecumseh engine numbers, Model H70-130067A, Serial No. 1270D


(more info on my machine is back on page 3)




And here we have a Third 1971 model..
this machine is virtually a twin sister to my own!

Probably made only a few months earlier than mine.

This machine is owned by Eric of Oxford, Mass.
Eric recently aquired the machine from a relative, and was very impressed by it.
He found my Ariens site and sent along a few photos of his very nice, original condition machine.

1971 Ariens Sno Thro.
Model No. 910962
Serial No. 001318.

Other numbers on Eric's machine, which all match 1971:
Sno-Thro attachment, model No. 910995, serial 002721.
Tecumseh engine numbers, Model H70-130067, Serial 0170 16904.

thanks Eric!




And a fourth 1971 model..
this is one of the early 32-inch bucket models! the wide scoop.

This machine is owned by Geno.

Model No. 910954 with bucket model 910955
This machine was most likely *not* purchased as a complete snowblower,
as both the tractor number, and the scoop number, are both models that were "sold seprately"
Tractor model 910954 was sold as a "stand alone" tractor unit, and the scoop was also
sold as just the scoop. The two pieces were then joined to form a complete snowblower.

Thanks Geno!



1973 and 1974

I found a complete set of "owners paperwork" on ebay for a 1973 sno-thro!
all the paperwork that would have come with the machine, plus a beautiful 1973 dealers brochure! and this brochure shows a few features on the 1973 and 1974 Sno-Thro's that were not on the earlier machines.

On my machine, a 1971, there are two levers on the side of the machine, the "sno-thro clutch" to engage the augers, (on the right in the photo below) and "engine clutch" to engage the transmission, (on the left)

(photo above is a 1971 sno-thro)

The machine can run with both engaged (normal operating procedure when actually throwing snow) or it can run with the engine clutch engaged, but the augers wheel the machine around, wheels turning under power, but without the augers spinning.

I believe all 1964 to 1972 10,000 series machines are set up this way.

Also, on my machine, (1971) the "tractor clutch" handle on the left handlebar is different from the 1973 and 1974 machines..on my 1971 (and presumably on all 1964-1972 10,000 series) you hold in the lever to stop the machine, to shift speeds or shift into let go of the handle to make the machine run..which means if you let go of the handlebars, the machine happily scurries along all by itself! not an ideal safety feature!

These two things were changed starting in 1973. the 1973 and 1974 10,000 series (the last two years of 10,000 series production) have the "engine clutch" moved to the handlebars!
attached to the white that the transmission and augers can be started and stopped from the operator position, rather than walking around to the side of the machine..
and the "tractor clutch" handle on the left handlebar was reconfigured so that you have to
hold in the handle to run the machine, and letting go stops the machine! the opposite of before..which means if you let go of the handlebars, the machine stops. an important safety feature that continues to today.

So if you have a 10,000 series machine that contains these two features, you have
a 1973 or 1974 machine. only two years! so these would be rare for the 10,000 series as
a whole.  the 10,000 series manual also confirms these differences.

More 10,000 series photos, from the 1973 Dealer Brochure:

More scans of this 1973 paperwork, including engine and safety brochures,
are on page 11.




Here are some great photos of a 1973 Sno-Thro!
It has the features of the 1973 and '74 models, discussed above, namely the auger control lever is moved to the handlebars, and the tractor clutch handle is oriented above the handlebars, (rather than hanging below, as found previously) and letting go of the handle will stop the machine.

Tractor Model -  910008
Tractor Serial - 

Sno-Thro attachment Model - 910995 
Sno-Thro attachment Serial -

The engine is a 7HP Model H70-130158A  Serial #2271D

This machine is owned by Zac A. of Pulaski, Wisconsin.

Thanks Zac!




Here are some great photos of a 1974 Sno-Thro!
this is the final year of 10,000 series production.

It also has the features of the 1973 and '74 models, discussed above, namely the auger control lever is moved to the handlebars, and the tractor clutch handle is oriented above the handlebars, (rather than hanging below, as found previously) and letting go of the handle will stop the machine.

Eric N. of Ashland, Wisconsin bought the machine in 2008.
Looks like its very original! and in excellent condition! Eric says:

"Hello,  I found your website devoted to Ariens Sno-Thro machines while searching for a manual for mine.  I picked mine up last year ('08) and from what I've read on your site it's a 1974 model 910018 s/n: 017091The sno-thro attachment is model 910017 serial number 025592. As you can see in the photos it's got chains, chrome handle bars and the engine clutch lever is mounted midway up the right handle bar. I've attached a couple pictures of it after I got it home.  It still has the HM80 8hp Tecumseh with electric start and runs great.  My machine seems to be all original from what I can tell and it really moves the snow.  Thanks for a great website!"

Ashland, WI

Eric's machine gives us another interesting spotting feature..
My 1973 Dealers brocure shows the 1973 models still using the Ariens decal on the scoop:

while Eric's 1974 model shows the plastic ariens "script" badge on the scoop!

so we can now pinpoint the introduction of that feature to 1974.

Thanks for the photos Eric, She's a beauty!



Ariens Trac-Team Attachments.

For many years in the 1960's and 1970's, Ariens offered several attachments that could
be added to one "Tractor Unit"..the Sno-thro being simply one of several available attachments.

You only needed to own the one "Tractor Unit", which contained the engine, powered wheels, and transmission, and was the "power unit" of the whole system, and then many different yard attachments could go with it!

A 10,000 series Tractor Unit:

I believe the Trac-Team line of attachments began with the 10,000 series in 1964.
The "first series"  (1960 - 1964)  Sno-Thro's had no available attachments for 1960, '61 and '62 models, one 1963 model had two "Gard-N-Yard" attachments available, but beginning in 1964 additional attachments were available with the new Trac-Team line. (only three that first year of 1964, Sno-thro, Reel mower and Lawn Vaccum)

Eventually a total of Nine different attachments would be available in the Trac-Team line!

Sno-Thro attachment
Reel Mower
Rotary Mower
Lawn Vaccum
Rotary Broom
Rotary Tiller
(so far only confirmed for the 932000 series)
and..going on the rear of the tractor, rather than the front:
A trailing wheeled "sulky" seat to create a riding mower!

Not all nine were available at the same time, or for all series.
However I believe all were available for the 10,000 series, except for perhaps the tiller.

Eric of North Reading, Massachusetts came across my webpage, and sent me an email about his Trac-Team attachments, and sent me some great photos to use on this page!

This next photo totally blew me away!

Yes, its an Ariens "sulky"! I had never even heard the word "sulky" before Eric sent
me that photo..but its a sitting or standing attachment for the back of a mower, to convert
a powered "push" mower into a riding mower! many landscapers use them today.

I asked Eric if he made that sulky himself, or its an actual Ariens offering..he said Ariens
made it! He also told me *my* machine would have the mounting bolts for the sulky on the rear! and sure does!

Eric owns SEA Snowblower and Small Engine, and carries a good supply of old Ariens parts.. thanks for the pics Eric!

A 1972 postcard from
Vintage Postcards from

Going through the owners manuals (linked below) and other advertisements and dealer brochures in my collection, I have come up with the following (incomplete!) lists of attachments:

Known attachments for the 10,000 series:
1095532" Sno-Thro attachment - (1970)
1099524" Sno-Thro attachment - (1970)
91001332" Sno-Thro attachment - (1973 - 1974)
91001724" Sno-Thro attachment - (1973 - 1974)
910955 32" Sno-Thro attachment - (1970 - 1971 - 1972 - 1973)
91099524" Sno-Thro attachment - (1970 - 1971 - 1972 - 1973)

35-10M - Rotary Mower - (1964)
42-10M - Vaccuum attachment- (1964)
44-10M -
Reel Mower- (1964)

(the three attachment model numbers above were used with both the 1963 "Gard-N-Yard" line
and the early Trac-Team line in 1964...those three model numbers were probably only in use around 1963-1964,
and sometime after '64 the 910xxx attachment model numbers, below, went into effect.)

910011 -
Rotary Mower - (early 1970's)
910012 - Rotary Broom/Brush attachment - (early 1970's)
910973 - Reel Mower- (early 1970's)
910975 - Vaccuum attachment- (early 1970's)

A trailing wheeled "sulky" to create a riding mower!

Known attachments for the 22,000 series:
922003 -  20" Sno-Thro attachment
922010 -  24" Sno-Thro attachment
922024 -  20" Sno-Thro attachment
922025 -  24" Sno-Thro attachment

In addition to the snowblower attachments, Ariens says the 22,000 series also had, for a time,
a brush attachment and a reel mower attachment. However the 22,000 series was clearly primarily
a snowblower series, and did not have nearly the level of attachments as the 10,000 series and
its trac-team line.

Known attachments for the 924000 series:
824001 -  24" Sno-Thro attachment for small wheel tractors.
824002 -  24" Sno-Thro attachment for large wheel tractors.
824003 -  32" Sno-Thro attachment for large wheel tractors.
824004 -  36" Rotary brush. 

824005 -  26" Rotary mower.
824006 -  24" Sno-Thro attachment for small wheel tractors.
824007 -  24" Sno-Thro attachment for large wheel tractors.
824008 -  32" Sno-Thro attachment for large wheel tractors.
824009 -  36" Sno-Thro attachment for large wheel tractors.

Known attachments for the 932000 series:
832001 - 24 Inch Rotary Brush Attachment
832002 - 20" Sno-Thro attachment
832003 - 24" Sno-Thro attachment
832004 - Rotary Tiller Attachment

As you can see, the total list of attachments actually peaked early with the 10,000 series of 1964-1974, and then gradually lessened through the succeeding sno-thro series, until eventually no more attachments were available for Sno-Thros. Today, any snowblower, by any manufacturer, is a "snowblower only"...I dont know why the concept died off..its a good idea! only one engine needed, instead of multiple engines for today's "stand alone" snowblowers, lawn mowers, tillers, etc. Perhaps it was just easier to build and sell a "complete machine", or perhaps people preferred "complete units" and didnt want the "work" involved in switching attachments..I dont know the exact reason, im sure there were multiple factors, but whatever the cause, eventually the trac-team concept faded away.

Im sure my list of attachments is incomplete! If you know anything more about the
Trac-Team line, please send me a note!



10,000 series manuals.

10,000 series Tractor body manuals.   1966   1967   1968   1969

10,000 series Sno-Thro owners manuals.   1965 model 10M4 Owners manual.                                                              1970 Owners manual      1971 Owners manual      1972 Owners manual   1973-1974 Owners manual

10,000 series parts and repair manual, for all 1964-1974 10,000 series machines.

10,000 series Attachment manuals.    -  1965 or '66 Trac-Team parts manual, for Reel Mower                                                                                                    Rotary Mower and Vaccuum. 1965 model 7-10M sno-thro attachment. (68001-87600) 1966 model 7-10M sno-thro attachment. (87601-114900) 1967-1968 model 7-10M sno-thro attachment. (114901 and up) 1972 26" Rotary Mower Attachment. Model 910011
1972 Trac-Team parts manual, for Reel Mower, Rotary Mower
                                                                                                     Vaccuum, and Brush.



10,000 series model numbers:  - (see chart at bottom of this section for serial numbers)

(note - some of the early 10M model numbers also exist in the "first series"..1960-1964)

Years Produced
10M4 4 HP
24" 1965 - 1966 -1967-1968
Conflicting data on 10M4, see note #1 below.
10M5 5 HP
24" 1966 -1967-1968

10M6 6 HP
24" 1965 - 1966 -1967-1968

10M6D 6 HP
24" 1965 -1967-1968

10M7D 7 HP
24" 1967 - 1968

10954 7 HP
1969 -1970 Serial 000001 - 003000 is listed as a 32" bucket.
10954 7 HP
24" 1969 -1970
Serial 003001 and higher is listed as a 24" bucket.
10962 7 HP
24" 1969 -1970

10965 5 HP
24" 1969 -1970

10969 6 HP
24" 1968 - 1969

10970 6 HP
24" 1968 - 1969

910002 6 HP
24" 1971 - 1972

910006 6 HP
24" 1972 - 1973
One Ariens document says 910006 is a 6HP, another says 8HP
910008 7 HP
1972 - 1973

910010 8 HP
1972 - 1973

910014 7 HP
1972 - 1973
One Ariens document says 910014 is a 6HP, another says 7HP
910016 8 HP
1972 - 1973

910018 8 HP
1972 - 1973 - 1974
One Ariens document says 910018 is a 6HP, another says 8HP (8HP is correct)
910019 6 HP
1973 - 1974
One Ariens document says 910019 is a 6HP, another says 8HP.
6HP is correct.
910021 8 HP

910954 7 HP
1971 - 1972

910962 7 HP
1971 - 1972

910965 5 HP
1971 - 1972

10,000 series Tractors:  (these are units that were sold just as "tractor bodies" only,  not as complete sno-thros)
10942   -  7HP Tractor  - (1970)
910002 6HP Tractor  - (1971 - 1972)
910007 -  7HP Tractor  - (1972 - 1973)
9100098HP Tractor  - (1972 - 1973)
9100208HP Tractor  - (1973 - 1974)
910942 7HP Tractor  - (1971 - 1972)  (one document says 7HP, another says 8HP)
910954 7HP Tractor  - (1971 - 1972)

10,000 series Attachments:

35-10M - Rotary Mower - (1964)
42-10M - Vaccuum attachment- (1964)
44-10M -
Reel Mower- (1964)

(the three attachment model numbers above were used with both the 1963 "Gard-N-Yard" line
and the early Trac-Team line in 1964...those three model numbers were probably only in use around 1963-1964,
and sometime after '64 the 910xxx attachment model numbers, below, went into effect.)

7-10M24" Sno-Thro attachment - (serial numbers 47001-68000) (1964)
7-10M24" Sno-Thro attachment - (serial numbers 68001-87600) (1965)
7-10M24" Sno-Thro attachment - (serial numbers 87601-114900) (1966)
7-10M24" Sno-Thro attachment - (serial numbers 114901 and up) (1967-1968)
1095532" Sno-Thro attachment - (1970)
1099524" Sno-Thro attachment - (1970)
91001126" Rotary Mower Attachment.
910012 - Rotary Broom/Brush attachment - (early 1970's)
91001332" Sno-Thro attachment - (1973 - 1974)
91001724" Sno-Thro attachment - (1973 - 1974)
910955 32" Sno-Thro attachment - (1970 - 1971 - 1972 - 1973) (one document says 32", another says 24")
910973 - Reel Mower- (early 1970's)
910975 - Vaccuum attachment- (early 1970's)
91099524" Sno-Thro attachment - (1970 - 1971 - 1972 - 1973)
A trailing wheeled "sulky" to create a riding mower!

(Note..I have reason to question some of the data on the chart below..see Note #1 after the chart.
The data is not necessarily wrong, but it is likely incomplete..some data is missing.)





Note #1 - Model 10M4

There is some conflicting data on the first year for Model 10M4.
there is an owners manual that appears to be dated 1965, here.
However the model list, above, says model 10M4 began in 1966 and ran through '67 and '68.

I have found the model list, immediately above this section, to contain some questionable data
that has later been proved incorrect by other manuals and evidence, so I have "low confidance" in that chart as a definitive source..(also consider the fact that the chart lists all models from 1964 to1974..which means the chart was obviously made in 1974, or later..therefore it is more likely to contain errors from the earlier model years..and we do know Ariens records are spotty from the early 60's, so its possible that the 1964-1974 chart might contain a bit of guesswork or have incomplete data.)

However I have found that Ariens was always very good about labeling all their manuals with the actual model year..therefore its highly likely to conclude that form ST4-65R.pdf is in fact from 1965. Based on that, I feel it is highly likely that model 10M4 was introduced in 1965, not 1966.

The 1965 model year machines are the first 10,000 series models to have all the features we associate with the 10,000 series..1965 was the first year for the "full teardrop" bucket, and the first year for the new "square" chute design, both of which continued through the rest of the 10,000 series run..




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