Year Six -
A return to normal life! and finally, some real progress on the garden railroad!   More construction got underway in 2015, working on the retaining wall on the left side of the railroad, and starting to haul in dirt fill, from the abandoned "raised bed" in another part of the yard.

August 26, 2015:
Photos - taking a survey of the state of the railroad, before some big construction gets underway:

August 29, 2015:
Video 11 - Deciding on placement for the right-side upper loop.


September 20, 2015:
Building the left-side retaining wall, also known as "The West edge of the World"

Video 12:

September 26 & 27, 2015:
Bringing in more dirt! We decided to dismantle one of the garden beds in the front yard, and return most of it to lawn. This freed up a good dirt supply that could be moved over to the Garden Railroad. I started digging out the dirt manually with a shovel, and loading into the dump cart to haul with my 1964 Wheel Horse:

Video 13:

November 1, 2015

Video 14, End of the 2015 season:

Some sad news from 2015.  We had to say goodbye to Boots  :(

she got sick in the spring, and after a bunch of tests, it was determined that her time was up.. she went away to the Rainbow Bridge... farewell Miss Boots, until we see you again someday.

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