Year Seven - Things are ramping up!

May 2016:

A look at the railroad at the start of the 2016 season:

Miss Meadow! new to the family. Like Boots before her, she also likes hanging out with the Gargoyle.

July 2016 - New rocks!

Video 15:
A mid-summer look at the railroad, and new rocks!

September 2016:
A recap from last season, 2015, I was moving dirt with my Wheel Horse tractor:

Even though the Wheel Horse is more than capable of handling this job, it's still waaaay too labor-intensive for me!  All that digging, by hand, would take forever to move all the dirt. So..let's call in the big guns!

A year later, September 2016, I asked my good neighbor across the street, Dutch, if he would help me move some dirt. He has a much larger John Deere tractor that he uses for mowing and snow plowing, and a front loader! All the dirt was moved in about 30 minutes:

That's more like it!

Raised bed removed, returned to flat lawn:

And a new big pile of dirt, ready to be used as fill in the garden railroad!

Video 16.
October 2016, End of year recap: