NY Alcos.
Previous years archive pages.

Rather than keep only one page, and update it from year to year,
possibly losing important older information in the process,
I deceided to keep previous years intact, as a "snapshot" of the NY state alco fleet
for that specific year.

Each year's archive page will show the status of locomotives at the END of that year.
for movements during the year, check the movements and migrations page.

It is my hope that this information may prove useful to railfans in the future.

2005 archive page.

2006 archive page.

2007 archive page.

2008 archive page. 

2009 archive page. 

2010 archive page.   

2011 archive page.   

2012 archive page.  

2014 archive page.     

2015 archive page.   

2016 archive page.  

2017 & 2018 archive page.  

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