NY Alcos.
Alco movements and migrations.

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1.) a reported leased Alco S2 at Fox Ridge, NY. north of Auburn.
     at a former Archer Daniels Midland plant.
     update - reported no longer there, replaced by an EMD SW9.
     anyone know where the S2 went?

2.) NYSEG #8, Alco S2, former LIRR 453, at Milliken station, Ludlowville.
     reported possibly gone to Johnson Rails, a rebuilder of S-units.
     can anyone confirm?

3.) Alco C420 was in Jamesville, NY
     Moved to Scranton PA sometime before May 2005.
      exRS 41, exx LIRR 211 (highhood) owned by VLIX

4.) Minnesota Commercial M630 # 73 arrived in Falconer, on the WNY&P,
     on July 28, 2005. She will become WNYP (LAL) 631.

5.) NYLE Alco S2 #85 is now in Titusville, PA
     Alco S1 #308 is now in Gowanda.
     not sure exactly when either loco moved.

6.) WNYP C430 #430, former Susquehanna 3000, was repainted into LAL family colors 
    (lettered for WNYP) in November 2005. (was wearing Susquehanna yellow before)
    sent out to Falconer, from Avon, on 12/27/05.

7.) LAL 424 was also sent west to Falconer, with #430, on 12/27/05.
     LAL 424 had been LAL road power, between Avon and Rochester,
     for many years until this new assignment.

      note! (424 and 430 didnt actually make it to Falconer on 12/27/05..see note #9 below)

8.) WNYP 631 - MLW M630 - stored in Cohocton as of 12/31/2005.


9.) January 10, 2006 - turns out WNYP 430 and LAL 424 didnt actually make it to Falconer afterall.
     They headed out toward Falconer from Avon on 12/27/05, but returned to Avon later that day.
     They are still in Avon as of 01/10/06

10.)  January 18, 2006
        a 5-unit Alco lashup headed north out Lakeville toward Rochester on the LAL!
        Two returned to Lakeville, and three headed west to Falconer.
        LAL 420, which has been a main Lakeville line road unit for many years, 
        is heading to Greenville, PA for wheel work.
        LAL 421 will remain Lakeville road power for now..
        LAL 424 is moving over to Falconer.
        LAL 425 has returned to service, after about a year in storage. She will remain
                       Lakeville road power.
        WNYP 430 is finally heading to Falconer. 430 is the newest engine painted in the
                           LAL family scheme.
        4 of the 5 units in this lashup were in LAL black and yellow, all except 421.
        (still in the old Guilford scheme)

       The units arent going to stay in these new locations for long, here is where they
       can be expected to be moving in the upcoming weeks. I will update the page as
       the actual moves take place.

  Informed sources indicate:
        LAL 420 moving to the CN at Shenango for wheel truing at Greenville.
        WNYP 426 assigned to Meadville.
        LAL 424 temporarily assigned to Meadville.
        WNYP 430 assigned to Falconer.
        LAL 421 reassigned as WNYP 421 and will move to Meadville to replace LAL 424 after Hot Start
        installed and painting is complete.
  From: http://forums.railfan.net/forums.cgi?board=WNYP;action=display;num=1137543901;start=20

10.)  January 21, 2006
        LAL 420 arrived at the Bessimer's Greenville, PA shops, for wheel work.

11.) February 1, 2006
       LAL 420 returns home to Lakeville.

12.) Delaware-Lackawanna Alco C420 #334 moved to the Scranton, PA shops in February, 2006.
       Should return to the Falls Road in Lockport after work is completed.

13.) May 2006. Depew, Lancaster & Western RS11 1804 appeared on the Falls Road
       in Lockport sometime in early 2006.
       Where was 1804 before? no idea..she wasnt listed on the NY Alcos 2005 list at all.
       Perhaps she came up from Scranton to replace C420 334 that left the Falls Road?
       1802 and 1804 operated the "Day out with Thomas" trains from
       the Medina RR museum in May 2006.

14.) June 2006, got a report from our intrepid Binghamton reporter Andy B. that
       the big Susquehanna Alcos/MLWs arent doing well,
       and some are currently OOS..although they might still return to service.
       At the beginning of 2006, all 7 (of 8) of the Cartier units were operating,
       (except for 77, which never operated with NYSW and has apparently become the parts unit.)
       As of June 14,  only 3664, 3672 and 3674 are operating.
       although hopefully the four dead units may return to service.
       3664 - operating
       3670 - OOS
       3666 - OOS
       3668 - OOS
       3672 - operating
       77     - parts unit
       3660 - OOS
       3674 - operating

15.)  June 2006, Two of the NYCH Alco S1's leave NY state for NJ.
  "Some updates for your roster..

            NYCH 11, Currently forsale
            NYCH 21,22 were moved to Greenville NJ 2 weeks ago, and are most likely to be scrapped ( there in BAD shape )
            NYCH 25 is still stored

            11 is ex Massena Terminal 11
            21 is ex Union RR 453
            22 is ex NO&LC 6604

            - Paul Strubeck"

16,)  June 21, 2006, LAL 421 leaves Avon bound for Falconer, with the Traveler in tow.

17.)   July 28, 2006 -  LAL 432 (Alco C430) arrives in Lakeville from Falconer,
                                    with the Traveler, returning to Avon.

18.)  2006 - NYCH Alco S4 #11 was scrapped.

19.)  LAL 433 (Former Susquehanna Alco C430 3006) is in the LAL Lakeville shop summer 2006.
        being worked on for her return to service.

20.) August 10, 2006. New York Cross Harbor Alco S1 #25 floated across New York Harbor
       from Brooklyn to Manhatten to go on display in a public park in lower Manhatten.
       painted in a NYC scheme.

21.) December 12, 2006 - B&H 2-6-0 steamer #11 was sold to the Everett Railroad in 2006,
                                            and was moved to the shops of the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad 
                                            for restoration!
                                            see pics here.

22.) Sometime in 2006, NYLE 6101 - Alco C425 - was sold to the Delaware-Lackawanna and
       moved to Scranton.

23.) Sometime in 2006, MHWA 2453 - Alco C425 - moved to Scranton.

24.) Sometime in 2006, South Buffalo Alco S2 #77, owned by the WNYRHS, moved from
       Arcade to Gowanda.

New York state lost 5 Alcos during 2006.
One scrapped, and four skipped town.


25.) March 2007 - Trigen  ALCO S-6 #2 spotted in the FGLK Geneva, NY yard, sent there to
                              have some work done on it.

26.) May 8, 2007 - Trigen  ALCO S-6 #2 leaves Geneva heading back to Solvay.

27.) May 8, 2007 - NYSW M636 3666 spotted back in service. she was given a new computer.

28.) June 26, 2007 -  after many years in Victor, NY, Ontario Central Alco RS36 418 leaves
                                   Victor for the last time and is moved
                                   to Geneva on the FGLK, and will then be moved to Lakeville on the LAL.
                                   This is due to the sale of the ONCT to Finger Lakes Railway by LAL.
                                   LAL is keeping the 418.
                                   Finally this long elusive unit can be photographed! :)

Summer 2007 - Lots of activity going on in NY Alco Land! :)
                           ONCT 418 leaves Victor for Lakeville, and reports abound that the LAL family
                           of Alcos could increase by possibly as many as THIRTEEN new units before
                           the year is out! (although some will be leased)
                           including all EIGHT of the Cartier units from the Susquehanna! very exciting
                           news! These units are suspected to be for the new WNYP operation, to be based
                           in Olean. click here for all the news. I will update this page when the units
                           actually arrive.
                           as of July 9, none of the new engines are on LAL property yet.
                           The 13 units possibly coming to the LAL system are the 8 Cartier
                           6-axle Alcos/MLW's
                           plus SIXX 73.
                           plus four more 4-axle Centuries:
                           Seminole Gulf #550, and M&E units #4264, 4223, & 4228.

29.) July 2007 - BSOR Alco S2's 84 and 107 are moved (a short distance) from their
                           long-time storage place.
                           Eden, NY (south of Buffalo)
                           for reasons as yet unknown. both units have been long out of service.

30.) July 12, 2007 - The M420TR that has been sitting in Jamesville for years is finally
                                 on the move! Moved from Jamesville to Utica on 7/12/07.
                                 (then to the Rome shop)
                                 The unit, RHXS 27, has been leased to the Adirondack Scenic Railroad.

31.) July 20, 2007 - The first of the potential Thirteen new LAL Alcos arrives in Lakeville.
                                 Alco C425 WNYP 550.

32.) August 1, 2007 - Rumours abound that NYSW might sell its Utica shop.
                                    although not confirmed, NYSW did in fact move some units out of Utica
                                    over to Syracuse on August 4.
                                    The three Cartier units in Utica moved over to Syracuse, dead in tow.
                                    The other five Cartier units are in Binghamton.

33.) August 3, 2007 - The 2nd and 3rd of the potential Thirteen new LAL Alcos arrive in Cohocton, 
                                    coming in from the East to Painted Post via NS. 
                                    Alco C424 RRPX 4223 and Alco C425 WNYP 4264.

                                    The eight NYSW Cartier units are gathering in small herds, hopefully to
                                    move soon to the LAL!
                                    5 units are in Binghamton, 3664, 3666, 3668, 3670, and 3672 
                                    and 3 in Syracuse. 3660, 3662, and 3674.

34.)  August 2007 -  The Fourth new Alco of 2007 joins the LAL roster. Former SIXX 73,
                                  a M630, which has been  operating in Cohocton on the B&H, 
                                  formally becomes WNYP 631.  Number 631 is the first MLW on the roster.

August 3, 2007 - the WNYP opens its new line from Machias Jct. to Driftwood, PA on the
                             former NS Buffalo line.  Work begins on the new WNYP "hub" at Olean, 
                             where many of these new LAL Alcos will be based.
                             Before now, the WNYP enginehouse has been located in Falconer.


Maps from http://www.wnyprr.com

35.)  August 2007 -  LAL RS1 #20 goes into storage in Lakeville, needs wheel work.

36.)  August 18, 2007 - The first of the three Cartier units arrive back in Cohocton!
        Former Susquehanna 3664, 3666 and 3668. all are MLW636 units.  see pics here.
        These would be units 5,6 and 7 of the potential 13 new units.

37.)  September 14, 2007 - Two more Cartier units arrive in Cohocton, 3670 and 3674.

38.)  September 17, 2007 - Two more Cartier units arrive in Cohocton, 3660 and 77.
        That makes 7 of the 8 Cartier units back in Cohocton! Only 3672 remains in Binghamton.

39.)  September 19, 2007 - RRPX 4428, a C424, arrives in Cohocton.
        4228 is the last of the 13 new units joining the LAL roster in 2007!
        (well..some of those 13 are leased)

40.)  October 6, 2007 - The first of the Cartier units is back in service with the WNYP!
         former NYSW 3666, renumbured to WNYP 636, left Cohocton and went to her new
         assignment with the WNYP in Olean, she recieved new red paint in Cohocton, new Red
         painted over the Cartier orange on the cab, (but not a full paintjob) she is now 
         Red & Black vs. the old Orange & Black.

        A total of 4 alcos moved from Cohocton to Olean on 10/6/2007.
        WNYP 4264 (C425)
        RRPX 4223  (C424)
        RRPX 4228  (C424)
        WNYP 636   (M636)

41.)  November 8, 2007 - The last of the 8 Cartier units, 3672, arrives in Cohocton
        from Binghamton.  the Susquehanna railroad (and Binghamton, NY) are now
        Alco-free once again.
        7 of the 8 Cartier units are OOS in Cohocton, one is back in service over in Olean
        (WNYP 636)

42.)  November 24, 2007 - Two GVT Alcos arrive in New York state from Scranton:
        Alco S6 1044 - going to the DLW in Batavia.
        Alco RS32 2035 - going to the Falls Road in Lockport.

       S6 1044 will replace MLW RS18 1801 in Batavia. 1801 will be sent back to Scranton.
       and 2035 will probably replace one of the FRRR units, but by the end of 2007 it has
       not yet happened.

       Also in November 2007, the DLWR in Batavia moved into its new facilities, a former
       NYC roundhouse in Batavia!

End of year summary for 2007

Wow,  2007 was a busy year in NY Alco land! :)
lots of changes, and all for the better!

The big news was that all eight of the "Cartier engines" transferred from the Susquehanna
to the Livonia, Avon & Lakeville. All 8 moved from Binghamton to Cohocton during the year.
at the end of the year, only one was in service (WNYP 636 in Olean), the other seven remain
in Cohocton undergoing work for an eventual return to service.
(it is still unknown if all 8 will return to service..the two C636's are particularly doubtful.
3662 is the only one of the 7 that never actually operated with NYSW)

A total of 13 new units join the LAL/WNYP during 2007!
including the 8 Cartier units. most are destined for the new Olean operation.

The M420TR, RHXS 27, finally shows some activity, as it is moved from Jamesville to Utica,
then to the Rome shop to begin some repairs so that it can go to work on the Adirondack Scenic.
(by the end of the year it had not yet returned to service.) the unit is privately owned
and is being leased to the ADCX.

Much activity finally began on the "Colonie Alcos" during 2007.
The Alco FA looks like it will finally be moved and saved, the fate of the other engines
is still unclear..the word "scrapping" still hangs in the air.

New York State loses three "Alco locations" on the map during 2007.
First, Victor, NY, when the ONCT is sold to the FGLK by the LAL. the one Alco in Victor,
LAL RS36 418, moves from Victor to Lakeville.

Second, Binghamton, NY..
long the "Alco mecca" of the North East, with D&H alcos running into the 1980's, and Susquehanna alcos running up until 2007, Binghamton ends the year 100% alco-free.
very sad.

Third, Jamesville, NY, which only contained the M420TR, which has now moved to Utica.

But NY state gains a new "Alco Location" on the map during 2007!
Olean, NY, which becomes a new LAL/WNYP base of operations.

NYSW becomes Alco-free during 2007, for the second, and probably last time.
No more Susquehanna Alcos in Utica, Syracuse or Binghamton.

Six Alcos entered NY state from outside:
Seminole Gulf #550, M&E units #4264, 4223, & 4228. (for the LAL/WNYP)
and GVT 1044 and 2035, for the DLWR and Falls Road.
No Alcos left the state or were scrapped during 2007!
so the Alco population for the state increased by six units.


43.) March 2008 - Western Maryland Alco FA2 No. 302 finally escapes Colonie!
       stored there for over a decade with the rest of the derelict Alcos, 302 is owned
       by the WMRHS, who finally got her moved out of Colonie. The unit sat at Albany's
       Kenwood yard for a few months, and in July it arrived on the
       West Virginia Central Railroad where restoration will begin.
       New York State loses one Alco, but its good news!

44.) April 8, 2008 - Lots of Alcos on the WNYP reported OOS with various ailments:

       630 had turbo failure and now is having air compressor worked on. 
       421 has water pump trouble. 
       4264 has electrical problem with main generator. 
       4223 needs wheels turned at Greenville. 
       4228 has an electrical problem 
        (report from smtimko at railfan.net)

45.)  April, May, June or July 2008 - After spending two years on the Falls Road, doing the
        Lockport-Medina-Brockport runs, DLWR RS11 1804  quietly left the Falls Road
        in Lockport and headed down to Scranton. She was still in Lockport on April 5,
        and was in Scranton by July 25.

46.) May 2008 - Arkansas & Missouri Alco C424's number 32 and 34 arrive in NY state, on
       long-term lease from the A&M, to operate the new Ethanol plant in Fulton, NY.
       32 arrived in May, and 34 arrived in August.

47.) July 2008 - WNYP 421 is back in service.

48.) July 2008 - WNYP 630 is back in service.

49.) August 14, 2008 - LAL 418 returns to service in Lakeville. She was doing test runs
        out on the road with her Ontario Central lettering removed and no new lettering in
        its place..yet. 

50.) August 22, 2008 - Trigen Alco S6 No. 2 is spotted in Geneva again, having some work
       done by the FGLK.

51.) August 23, 2008 - WNYP 631 returns to service! reported testing out of Cohocton.
        WNYP 631 is ex SIXX 73, ex Minnesota Commercial  # 73, nee CP Rail #4573,
        (not one of the "Cartier Eight")

52.) August 2008 - Buffalo Southern Alco C420 No. 2010 is taken out of service for
                                truck issues. Windows boarded up and stored in Hamburg.

53.) September 4, 2008 - WNYP 631 leaves Cohocton and heads over to Olean.

54.) September - WNYP 637 and 638, the next two Cartier engines in line, are returned to
       service in Cohocton.

55.) September 5, 2008 - WNYP 631 is back in service.

When we began 2008, only one of the eight "Cartier engines" on the LAL/WNYP was operating,
WNYP 636 (the former NYSW 3666) was in Olean..the other seven units remained OOS in Cochoton..In September 2008, some more return to service!

56.) September 10, 2008 - Another Cartier unit returns to operation!
      WNYP 638 is out on the road,  testing between Cohocton and
       Painted Post. She has only recieved a "patch" on the cab with new number,
       no other repainting.
       WNYP 638 is ex NYSW 3672, ex SIXX 75, nee Cartier 75.

57.) September 15, 2008 - Five days later sister unit WNYP 637 joins 638 for a testing run
       to Painted Post. (thank you Richard for all the great pictures! :)
       637 has been given a new paintjob over the entire cab (and the end of the long hood)
       recieving a new coat of paint that is more Red than the original Cartier Orange.
       WNYP 637 is ex NYSW 3668, ex SIXX 47, ex Cartier 47, nee CN 2312.

58.) September 24, 2008 - 637 and 638 head west to Olean, making FIVE total of the big
       6-axle units operating on the WNYP! (630, 631, 636, 637, 638)
       and three of the eight Cartier engines back in service! (636, 637, 638)

59.) October 10, 2008 - WNYP C430 No. 432 is back in service in Lakeville.

60.) December 16, 2008 - WNYP 4264 is back in service out of Falconer.

End of year summary for 2008

Two Alcos left NY state during 2008:

Western Maryland Alco FA2 No. 302 finally escaped the Colonie death pit! she headed down to West Virginia to begin restoration..very good news.

And DLWR RS11 1804  left Lockport and headed home to Scranton.

But two new Alcos entered the state during 2008! so there was no net loss of units,
It remains at 126 units.

But there was a gain in operating units during 2008!
Four LAL units returned to active service! three of them big 6-axle units:

WNYP 631
WNYP 637
WNYP 638

All three refurbished in Cohocton then sent west to Olean.

and LAL 432 also returns to service in Lakeville, making a total of 17 active LAL Alcos at the end of 2008, compared to only 13 active at the start of 2008.

Plus the two A&M units at the Ethanol plant in Fulton, equals an increase of 6 active Alcos
during 2008! a good year..


61.) April 2009 - LAL Alco C424 Number 424 has moved from Falconer to Cohocton. 

62.) April 2009 - MLW M636, Former NYSW 3664, recently Alco-C 3664, has been relettered
                           to RRPX 41 in Cohocton.

63.) May 11, 2009 -  RRPX M636 number 41 leaves Cohocton and returns to service, heading
                                 over to Olean on the WNYP. She is the fourth of the M636 "Pumpkins" to be
                                 returned to service by the Cohocton shops, (great work guys!)
                                 This leaves only 4 of the 6-axle units still in Cohocton, 3660, 3662, 3670,
                                 and 3674.

64.) June 12, 2009 -  WNYP 432 leaves Lakeville and heads back "home" to the WNYP in
                                   Olean, taking the LAL observation car "Traveler" with her.

65.) July 14, 2009 -  Finally! after many years of no information, the former South Buffalo
                                  Alco S4 #92 is finally spotted! photos appear on the internet:


                                Thanks to Ron S. for alerting me to those photos.
                                        (unfortunately, with those links in that particular format, I cant tell the name of the photographer)
                                Based on the buildings in the background, I could determine that those
                                photos show the unit that has been at Outokumpu American Brass Co. for
                                many years..
Outokumpu was sold, and is now "Luvata Buffalo, Inc."
                                70 Sayre Street.
                                The unit is at the Sayre st. facility, and appears to be in use.

66.) July 15, 2009 -  RRPX M636 number 43 leaves Cohocton and returns to work!
                                  Now making FIVE of the eight big "Cartier units" returned to service!

67.) September 1, 2009  - A re-shuffling of some Locomotive road numbers on the LAL.
                                            Steve posted a note on the LAL forum on Railroad.net:

Re: LA&L, WNYP, B&H Diesel Status

by Smtimko on Thu Aug 20, 2009 2:40 pm


Some notes for your update on the above topic. This info is "official" from an inside source.

The three C-424's at Lakeville: # 320, 321 and 319 HAD been assigned WNYP # 427, 428 and 429 (in that order) at one time, but that has changed. They no longer are assigned those 4xx series numbers.

Unit #320 will NOT be rebuilt and placed in service. Will continue to be an organ donor for other units.

#321 and #319 MAY be rebuilt at a much later date. If so, new numbers will be assigned at that time.

Unit #550 will be assigned WNYP #428.

Unit #4228 is OWNED by WNYP and will be renumbered WNYP 435.
Unit #4223 is OWNED by WNYP and will be renumbered WNYP 434.
Unit #4264 will become WNYP #427.

The current management team has taken a more realistic look at the line's traffic levels and is proceeding as above.


Thanks for that update Steve!       
This now means that the three stored units in Lakeville no longer have road numbers,
for the forseeable future.
Also several operating units have recieved new numbers.
I have updated the main page to reflect these changes.

the three stored units:
Alco C424m - LAL 427, ex-GBW 320, nee EL 2412
Alco C424m - LAL 428, ex-GBW 321, nee EL 2415
Alco C424m - LAL 429, ex-GBW 319, nee PRR 2415, (the only C424 PRR owned.)

Never officially wore those LAL numbers..they were numbers "on paper" only.
None of the three have yet operated with the LAL, they have been stored alongside the Lakeville
enginehouse ever since they arrived in September 2002.
(the three units were sold to LAL by GBW in 2001, arrived in Lakeville Sep 2002)

LAL roster increases by 2 units, from 26 units to 28 units, as two former leased units offically
join the roster, the new WNYP 434 and WNYP 435.

I changed the model number of:
 WNYP 630   Alco C630m  7-1968
.M6002-1  Olean  operating  ex A&M 70, nee CP 4500

 WNYP 630   MLW C630m  7-1968
.M6002-1  Olean  operating  ex A&M 70, nee CP 4500

Because WNYP 630 was Canadian built, not Schenectady..which would make her a MLW C630m,
not an Alco C630m. MLW did produce some Century series locomotives that were given a "C" designation,
as in C630, instead of a M designation, as in M630...All Schenectady built locos were given a "C", but MLW-built locos could have a "C" or an "M" designation, depending on the year built.
Canadian locos were labeled "C", along with their American sisters, until the end of
Schenectady production in 1969. At that point, MLW production switched to the "M" designation.

64.) October 2009 - GVT  RS11 3603 is confirmed scrapped. (I got conformation from GVT)
 the unit was a parts engine that sat in Lancaster, NY on the DLWR for many years.
 DLWR 3603   Alco RS-11  8/1956  81937  Lancaster  parts unit   ex CV 3603, nee DWP 3603
Originally Central Vermont 3603, built in 1956. the unit was moved to the Gould industrial
plant in Depew in 2007, and was cut up there in 2009. the nose of the unit is sitting in Lockport yard, for reasons unknown.

68.) October 2009 - from a relaible source: MHWA 2454 in Carthage, along with 642.
MHWA 805 and 2456 in Utica.

69.) December 2009 - Bath & Hammondsport (LAL) number 422 has moved from her
       normal assignmant in Cohocton over to Lakeville for some work in the shop.
       She was spotted around the Lakeville yard and out on the road up to Rochester a few
       times in December. (422 is the only one of the Centuries lettered for the B&H)

2009 - US Army #618, 0-6-0 steam locomotive, is moved from Cooperstown NY to
Mines, MD.

  US ARMY 618   0-6-0  1942 Schenectady  70420  Cooperstown  display  US ARMY 618 .

End of year summary for 2009

A relatively "slow" year! generally things stayed about the same..which is good news!
Two MLW's were returned to service this year, and no Alcos entered or left the state in 2009,
although one was scrapped.

We lost DLWR Alco RS11 number 3603, which was a parts unit for many years.
(it probably never actually operated with DLWR) the unit was scrapped in Depew.

We "gained" a new Alco S3!  the only one in the state!
Tonawanda Coke number 1976.
It has actually been in the state since 1978, but it was listed as a "mystery" loco in past years.
we finally confirmed its existance in 2009.

Two more of the big MLW's were returned to service in 2009!
MLW M636 RRPX 41 in May, and sister M636 RRPX 43 in July.
Both were returned to service by the LAL shop forces in Cohocton, and went to work with their siblings out on the WNYP. Making Five of the eight "Cartier units" returned to service!
leaving only three still OOS in Cochocton. (
3660, 3662, and 3674.)
(It is still believed 3660 and 3662, the two C636 demonstrators, will likely never return to service)

LAL did some number shuffling, and a few units were re-classified on this list.
overall, a good year for NY Alcos!

And we lost an Alco steam engine, as the 0-6-0 in Cooperstown was sold and left the state.



70.) January 2010 - RRPX 43 sneaks out of the state, and heads to the B&P Butler, PA shops,   
        probably for some wheel work. (thats the reason other LAL/WNYP units have gone to
        Butler before.)

71.) February 1, 2010 - LAL units are spotted with new 45th anniversary decals applied!
       So far, LAL 418, 420, 423, 424, and 425 have the new Anniversary logos.
       another photo.

72.) February 18, 2010 - LAL 420 and 425, the regular Rochester road set, are seen operating
                                         in an unusual "both cabs inward" configuration.

73.) March 22, 2010 - WNYP Alco C430 No. 430 is reported OOS with a bad traction motor.

74.) May 2010 - The big MLW C630M, No. 2028, photo, is scrapped in Cohocton.
       This unit arrived at the B&H/LAL shops in Cohocton "for evaluation" on January 22, 2010.
       the unit was probably always intended for parts, she was used as a parts source for the
       last Cartier MLW being returned to service in Cohocton (3674)  Parts were removed from
       2028, and the remains were scrapped in Cohocton in May.
MLW C630M, serial number M3497-2
nee Canadian National 2028 - built March 1968.
to Cape Breton & Central Nova Scotia 2028 (in 1993)
to IBCX (Indiana Boxcar) 2028 (in 2001)
brought to Cohocton, NY, for parts, in January 2010.
Scrapped May 2010, Cohocton, NY

(the two Alco C636 Demonstrators, 3660 and 3662, are still in Cohocton as well,
but there are no plans, at present, to return either to service.)

76.) April 30, 2010 - Staten Island Railway Alco S1 No. 407 leaves Staten Island, and is shipped
      by truck to its new home, the Catskill Mountain Railroad in Mount Tremper, NY.
      She is now the new CMRR No. 407. She arrived May 6, 2010.

76.) June 21, 2010 - The second Staten Island Alco, SIRT 821, leaves Staten Island and is
       trucked to its new home, the Upper Hudson River Railroad, in North Creek, NY.

(status of the two locomotives in early 2010)
  SIRT  407  Alco S1 .. ..   Clifton, Staten Island  OOS  ex - LIRR ..
  SIRT  821  Alco S2 .. ..   Clifton, Staten Island  OOS  ex- US Army 821 ..

This leaves no Alcos on Staten Island! but neither is leaving NY state!
which is good news..both 407 and 821 will likely be used in excursion service by their new owners. I will remove staten Island from the map, and add Mount Tremper!

76.) June 24, 2010 - Added a mysterious MLW M420(W) to the NYLE Roster,
       even thought she (probably) isnt in NY state:
.Year Built.
.Builders #.
.Current location.
 NYLE 3568  MLW M420(W)
 1976            M6092-09
 Titusville, PA        ??    
 ex CN 3568, nee CN 2568:1
I had never heard of this locomotive before!
anyone know the story? and why isnt she in Gowanda?

77.) September 2010 - JRWX 111, a leased Alco S4, arrives at the Suez powerplant in Solvay.

78.) October 2010 - RRPX 85 - MLW M636, is returned to service by the LAL shops in Cohocton,  
        and heads over to Olean to join her sisters on the WNYP. Now all six of the M636's are back
        in service! Only the two Alco C636 demonstrators remain in Cohocton. (no current plans
        for them)

79.) November 2010 - RRPX 2338, ex CN 2338, a MLW M636, arrives on the WNYP in Olean.

80.) December 2010 - A new locomotive for the Adirondack Scenic arrives. the new Adirondack
                                     No. 1845, a MLW RS18u, arrives in Utica.

End of year summary for 2010

2010 was a busy year!

Sadly, one Alco was scrapped in NY state during 2010, MLW C630M 2028, scrapped in Cohocton.
but she was bought purposly as a parts unit, was already in poor condition when moved to NY,
and her parts are being used to keep the other WNYP MLW's alive.

Two Alcos migrated to new homes in 2010! The two Staten Island locomotives.
SIRT 407 is now Catskill Mountain Railroad 401.
SIRT 821 is now Upper Hudson River Railroad 821.

RRPX 85 - MLW M636, is returned to service by the LAL shops in Cohocton, and heads over to Olean
to join her sisters on the WNYP. Now all six of the M636's are back in service! Only the two Alco C636
demonstrators remain in Cohocton. (no current plans for them)

And three new Alcos came into NY from the outside! and all three are (or will be soon) operating locomotives.
Alco S4 - JRWX 111 - at the powerplant in Solvay.
MLW M636 - RRPX 2338 - with the WNYP in Olean.
MLW RS18u - ADIX 1845 - with the Adirondack Scenic in Utica.

The New York State Alco population increases by three units, from 126 to 129 units.


81.) February 12, 2011 - RRPX 85 leaves Olean for the B&P shops in Butler, PA for some
       wheel work.

82.) March 2011 - a new Alco arrives in NY state! The new Adirondack 1835, a MLW RS18u,
       arrives in Utica in March 2011. She is the ex CP 1835. She will join sister unit 1845.

83.) March 2011 - MHWA MLW M420W is renumbured from MHWA 642 to MHWA 2042

84.) April 2011 - The Upper Hudson River Railway ran its last excursions in 2010, and ceased to exist on December 31, 2010, when their lease ran out, and was not renewed. The UHRR existed for 12 seasons, 1999 to 2010.. A new operator is taking over the line in 2011, the Saratoga & North Creek. The S&NC begins service July 23, 2011..the three UHRR Alcos are not being used for the new service, and are stored at North Creek.

85.) May 2011 - Adirondack 1845 (MLW RS18u) recieves a sharp new Black & Green paintscheme.

86.) June 2011 - RRPX 85 is back in Olean.

87.) June 13, 2011 - Posted on Railfan.net 6/13/2011 by smtimko:

From official sources:
431 out of service---92 day inspection.
4264 Turbo failure. Replacement turbo on order.
4223 long term OOS. No current plans for restoration
631 prime mover damage, under evaluation. possible piston head, connecting rod and/or ingested valve.
636 main alternator replacement. Replacement on hand, not a high priority.
638 traction motor replacement. Replacement on hand.
RRPX 2338 Long term OOS. No current plans for restoration.

88.) June 14, 2011 - WNYP 4228 is listedin service, in Meadville on the WNYP.

89.) June 25, 2011 - LAL 423 is listed OOS for wheel work.

90.) June 25, 2011 - WNYP 631 is listed OOS with "major engine failure"

91.)  Note on WNYP units 427, 434 and 435.
These three units had their numbers changed "on paper" back in August 2009.
(see note #67 above)

4264 became WNYP 427
4223 became WNYP 434
4228 became WNYP 435

However, in July 2011, nearly 2 years later, none of the 3 units have yet been renumbured! 
Status of the three units in July 2011:

WNYP Alco C425      No. 4264 (427) is in service in Meadville.
WNYP MLW C424m  No. 4223 (434) is "long term OOS, no current plans for restoration"
                                    in Falconer.
WNYP MLW C424m  No. 4228 (425) is in service in Falconer.

92.) July 18, 2011 - WNYP 428 is out of the shop, and begins service on the LAL.

93.) September 4, 2011 - the newly arrived Adirondack 1835 is in service on the ADIX,
       still in CP red paint for now.

94.) St. Lawrence Alco S4 in Norfolk NY was scrapped sometime in 2011.

 Saint Lawrence Railroad #1  Alco S4 . .  Norfolk  stored unservicable   Ex. D&H 3048

95.) Independant Cement Alco RS3 No. 5 was sold to the Berkshire Railway Museum
       and moved to Lenox, MA in 2011.


  Independant Cement #5  Alco RS3 .. ..   Cementon  Stored . nee Birmingham Southern 151.

End of year summary for 2011

2011 was another mostly "status quo" year, which is a good thing! One new Alco arrived in NY state in 2011 (Adirondack 1835) One alco was scrapped, one left the state, and one was returned to service
(WNYP 428)


96.)  January 2012 - WNYP 428 has been in service on the LAL for 6 months, on the road trains to
        Rochester, still in Seminole Gulf Blue, and may remain on the LAL.

97.) January 2012 - LAL 423 is back in service on the B&H in Cohocton.

98.) March 2012 - Sadly, two of the long-derlict Alcos are scrapped on the NYLE
       in Gowanda, NY. These two locomotives were in very poor shape, had been stored and
       stripped of parts for many years, and the remains were finally scrapped in March 2012.
      The two locomotives scrapped were:

.Year Built.
.Builders #.
.Current location.
  62   Alco S2    76572   Gowanda  parts unit - derelict  ex Falls Creek 62, exx Mercersburg RR 2, nee LIRR 452
  5067  Alco C425    .  Gowanda  parts unit - derelict  (CR5067) (CR2431)(PC 2431)(nee PRR 2431) 

99.) March 2012 - Word first reaches the internet that two long-time (since 1998) denizens of 
       Owego, NY, have been sold! and will be moving to the WNYP and B&H! Two MLW RS18u's,
       the Owego & Harford 1811, and Cayuga Rail Leasing 1850 (which seldom operated in Owego)
       will be moving from Owego to Western NY for new careers with the WNYP and the
       Bath & Hammondsport.

       MLW RS18u, nee CP 8761, CP 1811, Owego & Harford 1811, to B&H 416.
       MLW RS18u, nee CP 873, CP 1850, Cayuga Rail Leasing 1850, to WNYP 417.

100.) April 2012 - The Adirondack Railroads last remaining Alco Century, C424 No. 4243, is sold to
     the Delaware-Lackawanna and leaves the Adirondacks for Scranton, PA, to become DL 2403.

101.) June 2012 - Both RS18u's are in Olean on the WNYP.

102.) June 2012 - LAL 428 has been repainted into the full LAL scheme.
        the first unit to recieve a silver roof instead of a black roof.

103.) October 26, 2012 - WNYP 417 is spotted in new primer.

104.)  2012 - the two A&M Alcos left Fultonville.

.Arkansas & Missouri 32
.Alco C424

.Fulton, leased to Ethanol plant.
.operating  nee Belt Ry. of Chicago 601
.Arkansas & Missouri 34
.Alco C424.... . . .Fulton, leased to Ethanol plant. .operating  nee Belt Ry. of Chicago 602  

105.)  2012 - at some point in 2012 RHXS 27, the MLW M420TR, moved from Rome to Utica.
          The unit is for sale.

End of year summary for 2012

New York State lost five Alcos in 2012. Three left the state (Adirondack C424 4243 to the DL in Scranton, PA, and the two A&M units in Fulton) And two were scrapped (Alco S2 NYLE 62, and Alco C425 NYLE 5067.)

Two Alcos moved within the state! The two Owego & Harford MLW RS18u's moved from Owego to the
WNYP and B&H.

One "Alco location" was removed from the map..Owego no longer has any Alcos.

No new Alcos arrived..The Alco total drops from 130 to 127 units in 2012


106.) February 15, 2013 - B&H 416 is now in Cohocton, in a new coat of "LAL family" black and 
       yellow paint, but without full markings yet.

107.) April 2013 - The two Trigen Alco S6 units in Syracuse (Solvay) were sold and left the 
        property. They were sold to the George's Creek Railway of Maryland.    

 Suez Plant #1 (formerly Trigen)
 Alco S6 . .    
 ex Allied Chemical ,  nee SP 1064 .
 Suez Plant #2 (formerly Trigen)  Alco S6 . .  
 ex Allied Chemical ,
nee South Buffalo 42(2nd)

108.) October 2013 -  at some point in 2013 WNYP 4223 was moved to Olean for storage. 4223 was assigned the number WNYP 434 "on paper" but she still wears number 4223 while stored. it's now possible she will never operate with number 434. 4223 might end up a parts unit.

109.) November 2013 - D&H Alco RS3 4082 is scrapped in Colonie.

  D&H 4082   Alco RS3    1952  
 ex B&M, nee D&H 4082 (1st 4082) 


110.) January 2014 - BSOR 84 and 107 are moved from Eden to Hamburg.

111.) August 2014 -  Alco news from the Tioga Scenic in Wellsboro, PA
           Three Alco RS1's are scrapped:

Three Alco RS1's were scrapped in Wellsboro PA in late 2014:

Alco RS1, built 1945
Originally NYSW (Susquehanna) No. 240
to Tioga Central 240
scrapped in Wellsboro PA August 2014.


Alco RS1, built 1945
Originally Washington Terminal No. 47.
to Amtrak 47
to Tioga Central 47
scrapped in Wellsboro PA August 2014.


Alco RS1, built 1950
Originally Washington Terminal No. 62.
to Amtrak 62
to Tioga Central 62
scrapped in Wellsboro PA August 2014.

 There were Five Alcos on the Tioga Central in Wellsboro PA from 1994 to 2014.
now there are none.
the three RS1's, listed above, were salvaged for usable parts, and the rest scrapped..the other two locomotives were sold and moved:


Alco S2, TIOC 14. - now LAL 14.
Originally Buffalo Creek No. 46.
Sold to the Livonia Avon and Lakeville, who plans to return the unit to service.
Moved to Cohocton NY in late 2014.

Alco RS3m, TIOC 506. - Now WNYP 506
Originally D&H RS3 4112.
Rebuilt by the D&H into a RS3m in 1975, was the D&H Bicentennial unit.
Sold to the Livonia Avon and Lakeville, who plans to return the unit to service.
Moved to Olean NY in October 2014.
Still wearing her D&H Bicentennial paintscheme as of January 2015, but will likely be repainted.


112.) August 2014 - two new units for the LAL! Alco S2 #14 and RS3m #506 arrive on the LAL,
         see section above for details.

End of year summary for 2013 and 2014

New York state lost three Alcos, (two Trigen units left the state, and one RS3 scrapped)
but gained two new Alcos (the new LAL 14 and 506) in 2013/2014.  Wellsboro PA and Norfolk NY
are removed from the map.


113.) ADIX 1835 was previously incorrectly listed as 1843, correction made Jan 2015.

114.) Alco S2, Ex Albany Port RR, nee D&H 3011, is scrapped in Colonie.

 ..City of Albany   D&H 3011  Alco S2. . . .Colonie yard was stored unservicable  Ex Albany Port RR,
 nee D&H 3011
scrapped in 2015

115.) January 2015 - The two Alco C636 Demonstrators were scrapped in Cohocton.

          technically they were never owned by the LAL. They were the only Alco C636's in the state.
          (we do still have the eight MLW M636's)
  3660  Alco C636   .1968   ..  Cohocton  .  ex NYSW 3660, ex RRPX 78, ex Cartier 78, exx-MK 5402, nee Alco 636-2 (Alco demo!)  .
  3662  Alco C636  ..1968  ..  Cohocton    ex NYSW 3662, ex SIXX 77, ex Cartier 77, exx-MK 5403, nee Alco 636-3 (Alco demo!) 

116.) January 2015 - Two C424m parts units are scrapped by the LAL in Lakeville.
         these two units had been stored on the property for over a decade.
 LAL (no number)  Alco C424m  6-1963  84554  Lakeville  .  ex LAL 427:1, ex-GBW 320, nee EL 2412
 LAL (no number)  Alco C424m  6-1963  84557  Lakeville  
 ex LAL 428:1, ex-GBW 321, nee EL 2415

Five NY Alcos scrapped in 2015. :(


117.) In February 2016 to formerly leased units were purchased, and added to the official WNYP roster. A photo was posted at www.trainorders.com, taken in Olean that showed RRPX 85 had been renumbured to WNYP 685. It's interesting that WNYP chose to number the unit in the 68x series! (the first unit in this series) rather than the already existing 63x series, which all the other former Cartier units occupy. (and there is still room for more units in that series) the new number 685 clearly came from the old number of 85.

Also, at the same time, the former RRPX 43 was renumbured to WNYP 643.

The two units were moved from the "WNYP leased units" catagory in this list, into the main LAL roster. Increasing the total LAL/B&H/WNYP locomotive roster from 30 to 32 units.

118.) On June 6, 2016, WNYP RS3m 406 was unveiled! the former D&H and Tioga Central 506.
click here: http://www.railroad.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=113   for photos.

119.) It was confirmed on the WNYP shop tour on June 6 that WNYP 4223 is now a parts unit. She was assigned the number WNYP 434 "on paper", but it's now likely she will never actually wear that number. 4223 is providing parts for WNYP 430, and other locomotives.

120.) In November 2016 the Livonia Avon & Lakeville railroad donated their Alco RS1 to the the
Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad museum! LAL 20 moved to the musem in November 2016 is now part of their permanent operating collection.


121.) December 13, 2016 - LAL 433 is spotted in fresh LAL paint!
Finally out of her older NYSW yellowjacket paint. She is on Type-B trucks temporarily!  Probably "shop trucks" while her original Hi-Ad trucks are being worked on. When she later returns to active service out on the road in 2017, she will be wearing the Hi-Ad trucks.


122.) June 7, 2017 - LAL 433, Alco C430, is returned to service! Painted in LAL corporate paint and lettered for the Livonia Avon & Lakeville, she working out on the road on the LAL.

123.) Summer 2017 - WNYP 435 is repainted from her previous red, into new corporate paint.


124.) The final two Alcos stored in the Colonie yard are finally scrapped in February 2019. :(
Along with the remaining passenger cars that were there:


 ..City of Albany   D&H 4126..................... .Alco RS3...... . . .was Colonie yard scrapped February 2019
 Ex Albany Port RR #2
 nee D&H 4126 
  Owner? LIRR 417  Alco S1 . .  was Colonie yard scrapped February 2019
 Ex LIRR 417

Colonie NY becomes Alco-free for the first time since..well, since as long as Alcos have existed. :( Colonie is removed from the NY Alco map on this site, and the NY Alco count drops from 117 to 115 units.

125.) Sadly, Bath & Hammondsport Number 4, Alco S1, was scrapped by the LAL/B&H in Cohocton NY in May 2019.


  B&H 4   Alco S1  1950 .78139  Cohocton  was stored servicable, scrapped May 2019
 ex N&W #2085, nee NKP #85

126.)  May 2019.
News first hits the internet
in April 2019 that the WNYP will be retiring and selling its 6-axle Alcos and MLW's! Thought to be just a rumor at first, but within a few weeks the story is confirmed as being true. (The 4-axle Alcos on the WNYP will soldier on, with no current plans for retirement or replacement.)

The big MLW M636's (plus one MLW C636) have been operating on the WNYP since 2007, twelve years! but their reign in Western NY is coming to an end in 2019. They are going to be replaced by second-hand CSX 6-axle GE's. This will be the first non-Alco power ever on the WNYP.

The arrival dates for each of the 6-axle Alco/MLW on the WNYP can be found on this page, above. They first arrived in Cohocton in 2002, spent some time with the Susquehanna, then went to the WNYP. The first of the Cartier MLW's arrived in Olean in October 2007. The WNYP 6-axle roster for the past decade to 12 years has been nine units:

Status at the beginning of 2019:

Locomotive Type
.Year Built.
Builders #. Current location Status Heritage ..Photo.

 WNYP 630   MLW C630m  7-1968
.M6002-01  Olean  operating  ex A&M 70, nee CP 4500  .
 WNYP 631  MLW M630   1969 .M6030-08  Olean  OOS  ex SIXX 73, ex Minnesota Commercial  # 73, nee CP Rail #4573. *note2
 WNYP 636  MLW M636  7-1970 .M6037-05  Olean  OOS  ex NYSW 3666, ex NYSW 6366, ex SIXX 45, exx Cartier 45, nee CN 2304
 WNYP 637  MLW M636  7-1970 .M6037-13  Olean  operating  ex Alco-C 3668, ex NYSW 3668, ex SIXX 47, ex Cartier 47, nee CN 2312
 WNYP 638  MLW M636  10-1973 .M6072-02  Olean  operating  ex NYSW 3672, ex SIXX 75, nee Cartier 75
 WNYP 643  MLW M636 ..1970
 Olean  operating  ex RRPX 43,  ex NYSW 3670, ex NYSW 6370, ex SIXX 43, exx Cartier 43, nee CN 2302
 WNYP 685  MLW M636 .1975    Olean  operating  ex RRPX 85, ex NYSW 3674, ex RRPX 85, nee Cartier 85
 MLW M636   ..1970  ..  Olean  operating  ex Alco-C 3664, ex NYSW 3664, ex SIXX 41, ex Cartier 41, nee CN 2300
 RRPX 2338  MLW M636    1971  M6052-19  Olean  OOS  ex CN 2338   *note 7

(There were also the two C636 demonstrators, also ex-Cartier units, they never made it to the WNYP and were scrapped in Cohocton in 2015, making a total of eleven 6-axle Alco/MLW's that spent time on the B&H/WNYP. They only operated with the NYSW and WNYP while in NY state.)

127.)  May 2019. The first of the nine 6-axle units leaves the WNYP, when RRPX 41 departs Olean NY, heading south to new owner Delaware-Lackawanna in Scranton PA.

 MLW M636   ..1970  ..    left Olean for Scranton May 2019
 ex Alco-C 3664, ex NYSW 3664, ex SIXX 41, ex Cartier 41, nee CN 2300

No. 41 departed Olean on May 28, 2019, and arrived in Scranton on June 1.

 Last updated June 2, 2019


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