The Leviathan Model Page

This page will be all about my model of The Leviathan,
built as part of the 2002 Masterclass at

At first I naturally wanted to build the model in 1/32 scale,
because that would be the correct scale for a Standard gauge locomotive.
but because I am going to use the Drivetrain specially created for the 2002 masterclass
by Barry's Big Trains, I had to adjust my scale.
which is fine with me! because its well worth it to use the excellent BBT drive!
The BBT drivetrain was designed for Narrow Gauge Mason Bogies, built in 1/20.3 scale.
So based on the BBT drive size, I am now going to build The Leviathan in 1/24 scale,
which gives a perfect driver height and wheelbase using the BBT drive.
The only incorrect dimension will be the track gauge, but I can live with that.
All the LS 1/29 locomotives in existance have the wrong track gauge anyway! building the engine in 1/24, its bigger! 

Here are some Dimensions of the Model:


Here is a drawing of the "1/29 problem" although in this case its really the "1/24 problem"!
The inside rails represent the actual track the model is going to run on.
standard "G gauge" 45mm track.
The outer two rails represent what the gauge should be if the gauge of the track properly matched the model. In other words, if the track gauge was in correct proportion to the rest of the engine,
also in 1/24 scale.
The difference is not large, and does not bother me too much. (well..maybe a little! ;)
The drivers  will be too far "inside" by about 1/4 inch on each side.
I don't expect it will have a major visual impact.


The whole model will be in correct proportion, everything will be in 1/24 scale.
Even the driver height and wheelbase. The only thing that will be "wrong"
will be the distance between the rails. the track gauge.

TimeLine of  The Leviathan Model

November 27, 2001 - The Day it all began! (for me anyway ;)
                                  Masterclass 2001 was winding down, Fletch and his brave modelers
                                  of the MC2001 Mogul were having a blast! And people began to ask:
                                 "Hey Fletch, whats next? how about a Masterclass 2002?!"
                                  The Mason Bogie was "wanted" right from the beginning!
                                  there was really no debate as to what the MC2002 subject should be!
                                        So on November 27, 2001, Fletch posted
                                 "Mason Bogie Mission Statement- Masters 2002 "
                                  Here is that first thread:

November 28, 2001 - I made the decision to build a Mason Bogie!

November 30, 2001 - After going through every Lehigh Valley Railroad book I own,
                                 (the LVRR is my favorite! I was born in Sayre!) looking to see if the
                                  LV ever owned a Mason Bogie (it didn't)
                                  I discovered the Utica, Ithaca & Elmira Railroad owned 2 Mason Bogies!
                                  The UI&E was a road later absorbed by the LV.
                                  I picked the "Leviathan" as my prototype for MC2002,
                                  and my fate was sealed! 

January 2002  -        I began my prototype page all about the real Leviathan.
                               Im continously looking for more information and photos of Her.
                               I plan to find everything that is known about her! im obsessed! ;)

January - April 2002  Here is what my model looked like! ;)

May 2002.  -    I got a Bachman Spectrum Mogul stack from Theron Bailey, this is going to be
                       The Leviathan's stack! Theron sent me 2 stacks, originally I was looking for a
                       new stack for my Annie bash..but by pure luck, its the perfect size and shape for
                       the Leviathan! So here is ALL of my model in May!

June 2, 2002 - Ordered my Barry's Big Trains Mason Bogie Drive!

July 2002  - got bolts from Tom Farin, and big sheets of styrene from Charles Cole (chuckger)
                  Here's my model in July! looking good! :)

July 17, 2002  - Determined the width of Leviathan (best guess anyway)

July 19, 2002 - Tom Farin posted a new lithograph on the Mason Bogie Archive
                       A lithograph of the Wm. Mason.
                       The dimensions of the Wm. Mason are nearly identical to those of the
                       Leviathan! So I took the Wm. Mason drawing, copied the cab, tender
                       and wheels of the Leviathan, from the photograph, then combined those
                       with the boiler and frame of the Wm. Mason! Resulting in a nearly perfect
                       total drawing of The Leviathan!

This is the un-modified Wm. Mason lithograph.

This is the un-modified Leviathan Photo.

This is the two combined!

All the information on this page basically represents what was done with the project before and through Chapter 1.
Actual construction begins with Chapter 2!

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Chapter 2!

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