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After I posted Page 2, Genesee & Wyoming, and a plea for more G&W steam roster data, (at the time, I only had two steam locos listed on the steam roster) I recieved an email from John Stewart. 
John was the original founder of railroad.net, and maintained it from 1996 - 2002 before handing over the reins to the current rr.net crew. And back around 1998, John had a detailed Genesee & Wyoming collection on-line called "The Genesee & Wyoming Virtual Archives"..The archives are no longer on-line, but John emailed me all the pages and photos, and gave me permission to re-upload the whole thing here! 

Thanks John! 

The archive was originally in several different pages..I have combined the individual pages into one page.
I also added some new data, that has come to light since the archive was last on-line.
new photos are always welcome as well..if you have anything you would like to add, please send it in!
you will get full photo credits of course..



Since there is no official historical or technical society dedicated to the Genesee and Wyoming Railroad we have created this Virual Archive. Please enjoy your visit.

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G&W Rosters

Steam Locomotives

Some of the following steam locomotive images are from the collection of Howard Ameling, Harold Vollrath and the
Rochester Chapter, NRHS.  Image scans are copyright Railroad.net or their respective owners.
Distribution without express written permission is prohibited.


2-6-0 # 7
Schenectady, NY; April, 1905
Alco Schenectady # 30988, Built 4,1905
Harold Vollrath Collection 

2-6-0 # 7
Schenectady, NY; April, 1905
Alco Schenectady # 30988, Built 4,1905
Charles Woolever Collection.

 2-6-0 # 8
Alco Builders photo.
Alco Pittsburg # 39908, Built April,1906

2-6-0 # 12
Retsof, NY; June 29, 1937
H.K Porter # 5775, Built 1/1916
John Woodbury Photo 

2-6-0 # 12 with bobber caboose # 7
Retsof, NY; June 29, 1937
H.K Porter # 5775, Built 1/1916
John Woodbury Photo 

2-6-0 # 12
Retsof, NY; July 20, 1939
H.K Porter # 5775, Built 1/1916
John Brinckmann Photo  

2-6-0 # 16
Retsof, NY; May, 1947
H.K Porter # 6455, Built 2/1920
Harold Vollrath Collection 


2-6-0 # 17
Retsof, NY;
H.K Porter # 6619, Built 2/1920 
Harold Vollrath Collection  

2-6-0 # 17
Retsof, NY; June 20, 1939
H.K Porter # 6619, Built 2/1920
Howard Ameling Collection


2-6-0 # 18
Retsof, NY; March, 1950
H.K Porter # 6762, Built 12/1922
Harold Vollrath Collection    


2-6-0 # 19 with caboose # 8
Retsof, NY; July 12, 1938
H.K Porter # 6796, Built 1/1923
John Woodbury Photo 

Diesel Locomotives

80 ton GE Locomotives

The Genesee and Wyoming rostered three 80 ton General Electric center-cab locomotives.
They were numbered 20, 21 and 22. They were the first diesels on the G&W.
All three were built new for the G&W.
Number 20 (numbured consecutively after the the last steamer, #19) arrived in 1944.
Numbers 21 and 22 arrived in 1945.

The survivor status of all three is currently unknown.

 Number 21 at Retsof, NY. April, 1965.Photo courtesy of Howard Ameling.

Undated photo of Number 2?. Appears to be pulling LA&L coaches. Location unknown.
John Stewart Collection.


Genesee & Wyoming Alco S4 Diesels

The Genesee & Wyoming Alco S4 diesels were numbered 35 and 36. Number 36 was renumbered 1776
for the US Bicentennial and painted red, white and blue. The locomotives were eventually sold to the
Connecticut Central, but have returned to the area and are today (2007) with the OMID in Sodus, NY.

# 35 at Engine House, Retsof, NY. 1980's
John Stewart Collection.


# 36 at Retsof, NY. 1980's
John Stewart Collection.


Old Alco's never die.........
Ex Genesee & Wyoming numbers 35 and 36 wait at Wallington Jct on the Ontario Midland near Sodus, NY.
John Stewart Photos. October, 1998

  John Stewart Photo.

John Stewart Photo.


Genesee & Wyoming Alco RS1 Diesels

The Genesee & Wyoming had 5 Alco RS1 diesels, the five locos carried 8 different road numbers between them during
their G&W careers: 25, 30, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44 and 1976. Numbers 25 and 30 were renumbered to 40 and 41. Number 30
was also number 1976 for the bicentennial and painted red, white and blue. Number 44 was sold to the Eastman Kodak
Compnany and numbered EK-9. It is now at the Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum in Rush, NY.

25 - 40
30 - 41- 1976

Only 42 and 44 are known to survive, 25 is confirmed scrapped,
and the disposition of 30 and 43 is still unknown.

# 25 at Retsof, NY.
John Stewart Collection


#'s 30 and 42 at Retsof, NY.
John Stewart Collection


#42 at Retsof, NY.
  John Stewart Collection

  John Stewart Collection

Bicentennial Locomotives

Like many American Railroads, the Genesee and Wyoming painted two of its locomotives
red, white and blue to commerate the US Bicentennial in 1976.

Alco S4 number 36 was repainted and renumbered 1776.
Alco RS1 number 30 was repainted and renumbered 1976.

  John Stewart Collection

  John Stewart Collection

  John Stewart Collection

  John Stewart Collection

Genesee & Wyoming EMD MP15DC Diesels

During the first 35 years of the diesel era, 1944-1980, the G&W operated
with only 10 locomotives, the three GE 80-tonners, and the Alco RS1's and S4's
The first  locomotives built new for the G&W since 1959 arrived in 1980 in the
form of two EMD MP15DC road switchers. These two locomotives are significant
in two ways..they were the first EMD's on the roster, and they are the first ever units
to wear the current "G&W Family" Orange & Black paintscheme, that can be
found today on G&W shortline locomotives all over the world.
The 2 units are still on the active R&S roster in 2007, and still work their
original routes in Western New York.

Photo evidence shows the units were repainted sometime between 1997 and 2004.
with a slight modification to the scheme, black stripes and logo were lowered,
and road number on the cab slightly larger.

# 45 and # 46 with Finger Lakes # 1701 at Retsof, NY. February, 1996.
John Stewart Collection


# 46 at Brooks Ave, Rochester, NY. April, 1997.
  John Stewart Collection

# 46 at Goodman St. yard, Rochester, NY. May 30, 2007
 Scot Lawrence Photo.

EMD SW1500 # 47

The Genesee and Wyoming had one EMD SW1500 locomotive. It was built in December, 1969
for the Houston Belt & Terminal Company. It was acquired in May of 1985. Builders number 35296.
It operated as G&W #47 from 1985-1996.
In 1996 it went west to Oregon to become Willamette & Pacific 1551 (another G&W shortline.)
In 2000 the W&P was merged into the Portland & Western (another G&W shortline) and the unit
became P&W 1551. Then in 2007 the unit moved back East, and went to work for its Fourth
G&W line, and today operates as York Railway (another G&W shortline) #1551 in Pennsylvania.

John Stewart Collection 

John Stewart Collection 

Alco C424m

The Genesee and Wyoming had Alco C424m locomotives on the roster between 1980 and 1992.
The three units were G&W 61, 62 and 63.  They were rebuilt at Hornell in 1980 as D&H 461, 462 and 463.

The D&H got trackage rights in 1976, at the formation of Conrail, to interchange with the G&W via the
former DL&W mainline from North Alexander to Greigsville..this "D&H connection" operated from 1976-1985.
The three units were financed and owned by the G&W in 1980, and were intended for use by the D&H for the
G&W interchange, but the three units saw system-wide use on the D&H between 1980 and 1985 as D&H 461,
462 and 463. The D&H connection ended in 1985 with the creation of the R&S, which could then inerchange
G&W salt trains with the D&H and Conrail at Silver Springs. The former DL&W  tracks were then pulled up north
(RR west) of Greigsville. With the end of this connection in '85, the three units were returned to theG&W and renumbured
to G&W 61, 62 and 63. Unit 61 was wrecked in 1986, and scrapped. 62 and 63 remained on the roster until 1992, 
when they were sold to Minnisota Commercial. Today (2007) 62 and 63 are stored at National RailwayEquipment
in Silvis, Idaho, and have an uncerain fate..they are in danger of being scrapped.

 All three were originally Erie Lackawanna units.
All three wore only D&H blue during their G&W careers.

G&W 61 as D&H 461 - Mechanicville NY 8/7/1982.
John Stewart Collection 

G&W 63
John Stewart Collection 

Genesee & Wyoming EMD GP38 Diesels

Two GP38's joined the G&W roster in 1985. Both units were built for Penn Central in 1970,
then went to Conrail in 1976, and came to the G&W in 1985. Today both units remain on the
active R&S roster and still roam the G&W-R&S rails. #51 was repainted in G&W colors early
in its G&W career, but #50 has inexplicably remained in CR blue to this day! She can still be found
running about the R&S in Conrail blue in 2007!  22 years after she joined the G&W.

 # 50 at Brooks Ave, Rochester, NY. January, 1996.
  John Stewart Collection

# 51 at Brooks Ave, Rochester, NY. January, 1996.
John Stewart Collection 

Genesee & Wyoming EMD SW1001 Diesels

The last three units to join the G&W roster were three EMD SW1001's.
G&W 1000, 1001 and 1002.
All three are originally Reading units, built in 1973, then Conrail, and coming to the G&W from Conrail.
They have unusual extra-long (length) and short (height) cabs, a custom Reading feature.
Im having trouble locating the exact date they arrived, but it was around the 1997-1999 timeframe.
when the Hampton Corners saltmine near Mount Morris was being built.

1000 & 1001 have been the dedicated Hampton Corners salt mine power since then. leaving the
mine only for maintenance..they are usually visable along route 390 as you drive by the mine.
1002 was most recently spotted in Buffalo working with the SB.



Rolling Stock

Non Revenue Cars

G&W inspection coupe! Photo at Retsof, date unknown.
John Stewart Collection

  G&W inspection coupe. Photo at Retsof, date unknown.
John Stewart Collection

  G&W inspection coupe, date unknown.
John Stewart Collection

Genesee & Wyoming Flanger - Snow Plow # 1
Retsof, NY. Sometime before 1917.
John Stewart Collection


A note on that flanger photo above..Originally that photo was dated June 20, 1939,
but some new info has come to light that shows that date must be incorrect.
Because the structure behind the flanger is clearly the early Retsof enginehouse:

Jay Brooks Collection.

with its four distinctive peaks. this enginehouse burned sometime after WW1!
perhaps around 1917. So that photo must be much earlier than 1939!
thanks to Jay Brooks for this new information, and the enginehouse photo.

Genesee & Wyoming Snow Plow # 2
Retsof, NY. March 19, 1965
John Stewart Collection 

Genesee & Wyoming Caboose # 7
Genesee & Wyoming Caboose # 7 was purchased from the DL&W in 1935.

Only known photo of caboose #7 in service. 

Caboose #7 was later used as a yard structure in Retsof:


Genesee & Wyoming Caboose # 8

 Genesee & Wyoming Caboose # 8 was built by the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad
in their Keyser Valley shops in 1914. Its original number on the DL&W was 619, 
the last caboose in the first series of DT-class cabooses.

In 1930, the caboose was sold to the Genesee & Wyoming, where is served over forty years. It was subsequently
donated to the New York Museum of Transportation. It is currently on display at the museum in Rush, NY.

Caboose #8 in its original paintscheme.
Collection of Brent MacGregor,  provided by Charles Woolever.

Retsof, NY-1963
  John Stewart Collection

Retsof, NY-1969
John Stewart Collection


Retsof, NY-1971
  John Stewart Collection

Rush, NY-1999
John Stewart Collection

Genesee & Wyoming Caboose # 9 

 G&W Caboose #9
Collection of Brent MacGregor,  provided by Charles Woolever.

"Notice the trucks say "ERIE". A clue to its lineage. Could also be left over Erie trucks tacked onto this caboose.
Notice the lettering matches original scheme on caboose #8.
 Stenciling on lower right says "PKTD 50 4 -42- 5W" - Charles Woolever.

The fate of Caboose #9 is currently unknown.


Genesee & Wyoming Caboose # 10

 Genesee & Wyoming Caboose # 10 appears to be former Great Northern. Additional information is desired. 

  John Stewart Collection

  John Stewart Collection

John Stewart Collection

The fate of Caboose #10 is currently unknown.

Genesee & Wyoming Caboose # 11

Genesee & Wyoming Caboose # 11 was built in May of 1946, by the Lehigh Valley Railroad in Sayre, PA.
It was former Lehigh Valley number 95131. For a time, it carried the name "Stub Ellis." Its years of service on
the G&W are currently unknown, and the current status of the caboose is also currently unknown, it has not been
located on the LV surviving cabooses list. anyone know who "Stub Ellis" was? or what happened to this caboose?

same photo as above, but in color.

Update on the caboose "Stub Ellis"! September, 2009.
The following is from a post I made on September 19, 2009:

I found out something interesting today concerning the G&W caboose "Stub Ellis"..I still dont know what happened to the caboose,
but I found out who "Stub Ellis" is!
and it turns out I have known (of) him half my life!

I was down to Waverly today, and my Mom said "did you hear Rosa's dad died"? no..I hadnt heard..
Rosa is a friend of my sister's from highschool..(we were in highschool in Waverly, NY in the mid-late 80's)
Rosa's dad was Stanley Ellis..I didnt know the man well, but I met him a few times back in the 80's when my sister and I were in highschool..

So im reading the Sayre newspaper today, when I see:

Stanley James (Stub) Ellis, 61
Published: Friday, September 18, 2009 12:09 PM EDT, (Sayre, PA Morning Times newspaper)
Stanley James (Stub) Ellis, 61, of Waverly passed away Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2009 at the Robert Packer Hospital, Sayre.
Born Oct. 19, 1947 in Sayre, the son of Helen M. Simonds and the late Stanley John Ellis and beloved husband of Rosa Ann (Howe) Ellis. His sister Veronica Conrad also predeceased Stanley.
Stanley was a veteran of the United States Army, serving during the Vietnam War. He was a member of the Milltown American Legion Post. Stanley worked as a truck driver and mechanic for Simonds and Sons. He is best known for his work at Shade Tree Mechanic.

Full obituary here: http://www.morning-times.com/articles/2009/09/19/obituaries/doc4ab37c0a24c9c530904810.txt

It doesnt say he worked for the G&W Railroad..but I image this has to be the guy the caboose is named after.. how many "Stub Ellis's" could there be? and Waverly isnt that far from Retsof..

He lived in Waverly since at least the early 80's..so he must have worked with the G&W probably before 1980 I would guess..
probably during the 70's..which matches the caboose photo, taken in 1977.

Photo of the caboose: http://railroad.net/articles/railfanning/northeastcabooses/media/cab-2-15.jpg
"Taken at Retsof, NY, on 8-21-77, by D. H. Hamley. Photo by David H. Hamley"
The caboose was originally Lehigh Valley 95131.
-Scot Lawrence

click here for the full forum thread about the caboose.


MOW #14.
a G&W rail-tractor! Photos taken in Retsof, 1980's

  John Stewart Collection

John Stewart Collection 

We now have photos of cabooses 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11..
And  Flanger #1,  Plow #2 and Tractor #14.
It is likely numbers 3-6 and 12-13 were also taken by various bits of MOW equipment or cabooses.
but exactly what pieces of rolling stock held those numbers is still unknown.
More photos are welcome and wanted! :)



Revenue Cars  

Three old G&W boxcars sit in the Retsof yard, looks like they havent seen service since
the 1970's! They are used for storage by the railroad. In November 2005 I took a walk over
(with permission) and took a few photos for posterity. 

(Update: These three boxcars were scrapped in 2009.)

  Scot Lawrence Photo.

  Scot Lawrence Photo.

  Scot Lawrence Photo.

  Scot Lawrence Photo.

  Scot Lawrence Photo.

Genesee & Wyoming ACF 100 ton
center flow covered hopper

Allentown, PA. December 30, 1979
John Stewart Collection. 

The current backbone of the fleet, the AAR type C112 two bay covered salt hopper.
G&W-R&S currently has hundreds of these hoppers in service.
(anyone know how many exactly? might be 600, but im not sure.)

 Scot Lawrence Photo.

  Scot Lawrence Photo.

Passenger Cars

Edward I

  • Built in 1929 by Pullman Standard as a sleeper lounge. Named Minnekahda Club
  • Renamed Minikahda Club in 1935 to correct spelling.
  • Aquired by the NYNH&H in 1948 and numbered 775.
  • Car was renumbered by the NYNH&H in 1955 to 100.
  • Sold to the Genesee & Wyoming in 1968 and named "Edward I".
  • Sold to the Chicago & Northwestern in 1980 and numbered 404.
  • Renumbered by the Chicago & Northwestern to 440 1982.
  • Donated to Mid Continent Railway Museum in 1984. Retains C&NW lettering and number 440, named "Phillip R. Hastings"

    Edward I at Sarasota, FL. March 31, 1968.
    Photos courtesy of Howard W. Ameling.

      John Stewart Collection

      John Stewart Collection

      John Stewart Collection

      John Stewart Collection

    Edward I at the Mid Continent Railway Museum. October, 1993.
    Photos courtesy of Howard Pincus.

    John Stewart Collection

      John Stewart Collection

    John Stewart Collection


    Pride of the Genesee

      • Built in 1950 by Pullman Standard as a 5 double bedroom buffet/lounge/observation. Lot 6863, Plan 4165.
      • Aquired new by C&O, numbered 2507, named Wolverine Club. Not put in service.
      • Aquired by B&O in 1951, numbered 7501, named Wawasee. Assigned to Capitol Limited
      • Went to Amtrak in 1971, numbered 3250 and retained name Wawasee.
      • Sold to Inter-American Railroad Tours in 1977.
      • Aquired by G&W in 1982 where it retained number 3250, but was renamed "Pride of the Genesee"
      • Sold to Rail Ventures in 1987 and renamed Monterey
      • Assigned Amtrak Private railcar number 800246.
      • Sold to Oregon Rail Corp in 1999 for American Orient Express. retains the name Monterey.

        Pride of the Genesee at West Palm Beach, FL. February 16, 1986.
        Photos courtesy of Howard W. Ameling.

          John Stewart Collection

        John Stewart Collection


      Pride of the Genesee at Retsof, NY. August 2, 1988.

      Photo courtesy of Doug McBride.

      Here is the "Pride" today, as American Orient Express "Montery"

      Nightcall of the Genesee

      • Built in 1950 by Pullman Standard as a 11 double bedroom sleeper. Lot 6865, Plan 4168.
      • Aquired new by C&O, numbered 2800, named Homestead.
      • Aquired by SCL in 1970, renumbered 6610. Retained name Homestead.
      • Went to Amtrak in 1971, renumbered 2242. Retained name Homestead.
      • Sold to the Genesee & Wyoming in 1983 and named Nightcall of the Genesee. Retained number 2242.
      • Sold to the Rail ventures in 1987 and renamed Belle Vista. Converted to 8 double bedroom/lounge.
      • Assigned Amtrak private railcar number 800218.

      • Sold to Oregon Rail Corp in 1999 for American Orient Express. now named "Portland"

        Here is the "Nightcall" today, as American Orient Express "Portland"

        anyone have a photo of the Nightcall while in G&W service?

Dansville & Mount Morris pictures.


DMM Railbus #300.

DMM Railbus #300.

565 and 304 in Dansville.








The Dansville & Mount Morris existed as the DMM between 1891 and 1985.
In 1985, the DMM was taken over by and absorbed into the Genesee & Wyoming.

In 1986 I was a teenage railfan over in Waverly, NY, along Conrail's Southern Tier Main.
One day, I was hanging around the tracks with my camera, as was my custom, when an eastbound Guilford/D&H
train came through trailing two unusual orange switchers! At the time, I had no idea what they were,
but I snapped the pictures anyway! Decades later I learned they were the last two DMM
locomotives which had just left Dansville for the last time, heading east to their new owner, Bay Colony
in Massachusetts. This was the first and last time I ever saw any DMM motive power in person!



Rochester & Southern pictures.

Freshly painted RSR locomotives! Only a few months into the existance of the R&S.

R&S 107

The former Rochester & Southern 101, now with the B&P.
Scot Lawrence Photo.



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